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Introduce Indonesia Novel : A Romantic Story About Serena (小威 浪漫故事)

13732304_1313641721996929_28722090_nDon’t bother with Viann Zhang’s picture. I put it on purposed because I think she looked fit to portray Serena.

The is the second time for me to introduce Indonesian novel. Speak honestly I do only read specific Indonesian Novelist’s works and Shanty Agatha is one from many.
这是第二次我来介绍印尼小说。 说实话,我只读特定印尼小说的小说家Shanty Agatha 就是其中一个。

So, I would like to introduce hers not so new novel but quite popular among Indonesian readers. A Romantic Story About Serena was one of her works from Passionate Series. Well, without further ado, let start…
嗯, 我就想来介绍她不是最新的作品可这也是算最红最受欢迎在印尼。 小威 浪漫故事就是其中一个热情系列。 好啦, 说差不多, 开始吧。。。。

Synopsis (梗概):

In her life, Serena only dreamed to be an ordinary woman. She wanted to marry her boyfriend Rafi, having a small happy family, then alike any stereotypes story: holding hand until old, walking until the sunset.
在她的生命中, 小威只梦变一个很普通人. 她只要嫁给她男朋友, 拉菲 有一个很幸福的小家庭, 随每老一套的故事: 手牵手到老, 一起走到日落。

Even though the thing that she wanted such simple, but it was not easy to be come true. That incident had taken all her dreams, her parent, taken her marriage plan with Rafi which later on let her to struggle by herself, destroyed all her dreams which were wrapped so well in the future planning. All destroyed.
即使她想要的东西就那么简单, 可没那么容易实现。 那次意外毁了她的梦想, 父母, 她的完美结婚安排跟拉菲因此让她那么努力做自己, 毁了她所有将来的梦想安排那么好。 都是毁了。

In order to stand up again she must have a relationship with Damian, a wealthy man and yet arrogant, like to force, and….
因为要将起来自己她需要接触跟达米安, 一个很有钱而骄傲, 那么霸气 和。。。。

He has sexual desires toward her. Serena needing Damian to safe Rafi, while Damian needing Serena to fulfill his obsessive sexual desire which keeps on tormenting him to Serena
他有性欲幻想向小威。 小威需要达米安救拉菲, 而达安需要小威来执行他性欲幻想因此使痛苦他在小威身上。

These two humans being who must not never crossing the path each other were fated to encounter by situation. These two humans being who hate each other but still lost by desires and needs. Their relationship burning hot, extraordinary hot to the point both of them could be burn up. They were having relationship by the force, which turned to be mutualism relationship, missing and fulfilling and…. the last both have surrender for loving each other.
可知两个人类有先行来往因为命运于情况遇到。 这个两个人类谁恨谁最后也输到在他们自己欲望与需要。 他们的关系级熱, 提最级熱不得不烧灰他们。 他们关系本来是强迫有力微微该变成互相需要, 想念与满足 而。。。 最后两个人类自首共然爱对方。

And the last it’s time for Serena to choose between her desires toward Damian, an arrogant man who keeps on tormenting her but succeed to take her heart or her love toward Rafi, a good man, who ever left her struggling by herself, but kept his promised by wearing that ring on his finger.
最后时间就到了, 小威需要做一个选择在她性欲与达安一个很骄傲折磨她可成功取她的心或拉菲一个好男人何人先后离开她来努力做自己, 可他守护承诺带戒指在他的指。

So what you think about this story? Feel free to put your comment ^_^


17 thoughts on “Introduce Indonesia Novel : A Romantic Story About Serena (小威 浪漫故事)

  1. Yesssss I want it heheh sorry for being really greedy but sounds like good love story also hot one too lol. Thank you azurro for everything you do for us 🤗 And please let me know about the password for last two chapters for naive and short tempered girl and again thank you

  2. wahahaa i don’t really read Indonesian novel but i really didn’t expect that there’s also such an ‘adult’ novel that is written by Indonesian author xD well, based on the synopsis you wrote, the story seems pretty interesting xD

  3. all the stories wrote by author is really promising, the twist is so unpredictable, each novels usually packed in series novels who the MCs is known each other. but still it’s different stories not the sequel. for a few novel she wrote actually there’s sequels but the the MC of previous novel children

  4. Sounds interesting story. Twist of fate & obsession. Is this written in Indonesian language or Chinese? Why has Chinese translation?

    Cheers to happy weekend!

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