ANSTG Three Eight Five

Zhao Li ying

Chapter Three Eight Five

But there is nothing unusual about that. If she living in such family environment, besides working hard to increase oneself value others there is no way for the rest. After all, he were not Feng Chen Rui, also he didn’t have mother who could protect him.

Ugh, when Chen Yi was kid he must be so pitiful? There was time, she really not dared to think how Feng Chen Yi went through the hardship during his childhood….

“But Chen Yi wasn’t here?” Feng Chen Rui dissatisfied with low voice complained.

This even angered the Old Master: “Chen Rui, you said this kind of words, this just showed your younger brother is obviously more talented than you! Chen Yi isn’t in here, you don’t even have capability to take care the matter by yourself? It seems that, this CEO position must be hurried to be given to Chen Yi!”

“Father! I only can’t speak Angola language, this must not something severe right? Moreover, Younger sister in law has not yet set anything with Mr. Bartholomew.” Feng Chen Rui suddenly tossed away the difficulties to Yao Yao’s.

Feng Xiao creased his forehead, sternly looked at her.

“Father… Father in law, I, I only working at Feng Group for half month, Feng Group has many things, indeed I don’t really understand in many aspects.”

Once Feng Chen Rui listened to this, he scorned: “See, I have known something like this would happen. Even though can speak Angola language, but there is no guarantee to get the favor from Mr. Bartholomew!”

“Chen Rui, you shut up!” Feng Xiao shouted, stopped his son to speak more. “Yao Yao, I saw Mr. Bartholomew gave you his name card, actually what was you talking with him?”

“The case is like this Father in Law, I have said to Mr. Bartholomew that Chen Yi respected him so much, and always wanted to know him more, but unfortunately, Chen Yi still in Turkey, so there was no way to meet him. Hence, Mr. Bartholomew gave me his name card, asked me when Chen Yi returned, we will come to meet him.” Yao Yao pretended to act dummy after she said everything, shyly smiles: “I, I also didn’t know whether this is right to do so or not.”

“Yao Yao, you did it very well! Waiting until Chen Yi return, you asked Chen Yi to make an appointment with Mr. Bartholomew.”

Of course she knew that she did very well, Feng Chen Rui wanted to get closer to Mr. Bartholomew because he wanted to have control over the company in US. This kind of chance, she absolutely must grab it for her husband!

Geez, Feng Chen Rui wanted to take over the biggest power during Chen Yi absent? There’s no way!

“Father, does not know when Chen Yi going to return, how about I looked for Mr. Bartholomew.” Feng Chen Rui knew that once this thing being taken care by Feng Chen Yi, he must absolutely lost big, must be hurried to take it back.

“Humph, the opportunity to meet Mr. Bartholomew was gotten by Feng Chen Yi’s wife, if you have capability, you also can ask your wife to grab the opportunity!” the sharp eyesight suddenly changed to be soften: “Yao Yao, hurry go back to your room and have rest.”

“Understood, Father in Law.” Yao Yao stood up and then walked up to the stairs, but at the moment when she passed Feng Chen Rui’s ‘one family’, she could see their raging in fume expression on their face.

Hah, Lan Ni Pei that time really wanted to let her living at home, entered the company, with doubt she wanted to rift the relationship between Feng Chen Yi and her Father in Law. During that time she had said that, she would not let the old lowly cheap slut to get what she wanted! Later in the future this old lowly cheap slut would be understood, the person that she invited into this house is ‘bomb timer’ actually which going to explode them!

“Father, you…”

“Alright. I also tired, I will get back to my room and have a rest.” Feng Xiao didn’t let any chance for Feng Chen Rui, stood up and then walked heading to his room.

“Damn it!” he fiercely made a fist, raging in fume sitting on the sofa with rough breath: “Mom, all blame you, why must you asked that Luo Yao Yao to get into ours home, now you see? Feng Chen Yi that wild-child got more helper!!”

“Chen Rui, you still have nerve to blame me? When you were child, I had told you to study well, but you? Since you were a child until growing up, Feng Chen Yi still that strong compare to you? You don’t even give me face to fight (put utmost effort), no wonder Old Master favors Chen Yi more than you!!”

At beside Lan Ling saw the circumstance, quickly she became middle person: “Stop it, Chen Rui, you don’t argue with Mother in Law anymore. Still better to think other way to settle this matter.”

“What to think? Didn’t it not obvious, Old Master has already decided to give the Company in US to Feng Chen Yi? Talking about you, you say, others than you only have prominent background, what can you do for me? If you have something that able to compare to Luo Yao Yao, the CEO’s position early is mine!!!”

“So do you mean that I am so useless? Feng Chen Rui, you as one big man, you vent your anger to your wife what you can do more?”

“Alright! Enough! Stop make noise!” Lan Ni Pei tried to stop the chaos situation.

Seeing in front of eyes, so this initially harmonious ‘one family’ now have fight to faze fluster.

That time, when you were so stubborn to marry me and promised to help me to revenge on behalf my mother, that moment I really didn’t know how to repay my debt to you.

Until the moment I could feel your bitter, your childhood, I understood, at the outsider eyes the shinning bright you, actually not as splendid and glamour. And most of time you are acted alike my guardian angel which actually you are also need someone to protect you too.

Please let me to protect you too, alike the first year when first time I met you, protecting you alike you protect me….

Either to heal each others wounds; or to comfort for each others, at this moment, Yao Yao finally could find a slightest reason staying beside Feng Chen Yi, a slightest courage to stay and conviction beside him.

‘Ring…. ring ring…’

Early in the morning, the annoying mobile phone keeps on ringing, it was not easy to go through until Saturday, Sunday, still want to have lazy-sleep. Yao Yao narrowed her eyes, touched her mobile phone: “Hello….”

“Little lazy pig, still sleeping? Now it is ten o’clock morning in China?”

Listened to the dearing voice, Yao Yao awaken sitting on her bed: “Chen Yi? How can you phone during this time?”

Feng Chen Yi has been gone to Turkey for sometime, but both of them have agreed to choose have phone call at 12 o’clock China time. Never thought that today he calling at ten o’clock?

“Hah, there is no way, early in the morning my father has phoned me, constantly praising you, I keep on thinking, of course I must quickly make a phone call to talk with my wife.”

Once she heard ‘wife’, this word, instantaneously her face blushing, shyly pouted her mouth, intentionally turned the topic: “You, when will you come back?”



22 thoughts on “ANSTG Three Eight Five

  1. This is somehow a bitter and sweet chapter. She somehow knows the kind of difficulty Chen Yi experienced when he was younger, but could no longer find the love she once felt for him. I wonder when would YY know the truth that YAT did not kill her mother? And how will she acceot the truth… 500++chapters.. Azurro your dedication in translating this novel is just amazing. Thank you.

  2. Hahahaha…. Chen Feng Rui…you just got soloed….YAY for Yao Yao… Chen Feng yi is gonna come back soon…. right!?

  3. Thanks to YAT help, and praises, YY father in law had recognized YY capabilities and strength. Hopefully they will give her a higher position in the company and acknowledge her that she is the of wife of FCY. Do you think HYL will tell YY the meaning of words that YAT told her in Albanian language,and also to FCY? It really sad that 3 in laws are plotting to harm or to sabotage them, instead of getting along together as a family. YY will help FCY to lessen his work loads and others. Thanks for the update and have blessed evening.

  4. Hey azzuro did i miss any note ? I mean there r no updates for 3 days ? .. i mean is it gonna be only onr chapter for week ?😶

  5. I have a broken heart 💔 every time I read that Yao Yao is married to Chen Yi. 😭
    if it is not for azurro says that it is a happy ending I could not continue reading

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