ANSTG Three Eight Seven

Chapter Three Eight Seven

Gong Xiao Man comes to make ruckus
Part 1 (One)

Gong Xiao Man helplessly smiled, believe everyone first impression when see Yao Yao might think that she types cute, also like to act coquetry, like to cry and whine. But everything just an opposite, Yao Yao is someone strong, she just on contrary with her appearance. “Forget it, you better tell me all ‘bad things’ that you encountered this time, tell me alike a story.”

“Haha, things happened quite lot, let me tell you slowly….” hand is stirring the spoon, Yao Yao faintly smiled, she told Gong Xiao Man all the things which happened….

Berson Group

“Uh…. Miss… Miss… may I ask you, do you have any appointment?” Two receptionists who in shift, seeing one girl with anger barged into, quickly they stopped in front of her.

Gong Xiao Man forcing to gulp down her anger, shouting loud: “I am coming to find Chairman Yu Ao Tian! What to make an appointment? If you guys don’t let me in, I will stay at here and make ruckus, believe or not?”

Two colleagues are exchanging their glance, afraid if Gong Xiao Man really gives big trouble, hurried they let her to get in, and followed by calling the security department.

Gong Xiao Man quickly walking with big steps entered the elevator.

Finally she understood why Yao Yao stubbornly didn’t tell her regarding all the problems she encountered for these passed days. Although, after said, Yao Yao kept on telling her not to find Yu Ao Tian, don’t come to find Yu Ao Tian, she also promised her but again she could not endure her mood not to do so!

She could ignore the fact Yu Ao Tian raped Yao Yao this matter; she could also ignore the attitude that given by Feng Family toward Yao Yao. But, she could not…. she could not strain off the fact of matter Yu Ao Tian killed Yao Yao’s mother!

Her white and black eyes are clearly showed slightest blood line due to her anger. At the time when the elevator stopped at CEO’s office, Gong Xiao Man angrily dashed into.

“Stop!” sitting in front of CEO’s office room Mo Xue Tong stopped in front of her: “What’s matter?” coldly said three words, which actually showed her coldness toward anything.

“I come to find Yu Ao Tian!”

“Director Yu isn’t at here.”

“So where is he now?” Gong Xiao Man curled up her hand into fist, raging in fume looking at the CEO’s office room: “Yu Ao Tian! Yu Ao Tian! You come out! You come out!!!”

“Enough! Shut up!!!” Mo Xue Tong isn’t someone nice, with one of her hands she grabbed Gong Xiao Man’s neck, while her other hand covered her mouth which keeps on shouting.

Just by this time, The CEO’s office room door opened.

“What’s ruckus this?” Han Li Shang walking from inside the room.

At the moment when Xiao Man’s eyes met Han Li Shang’s, two persons are dumbfounded for moment….


12 thoughts on “ANSTG Three Eight Seven

  1. I guess GXM didn’t know that HLS is the CEO and YAT hardly goes to work at Berson. Do you think GXM will find out truth who killed YY’s mother. Thanks for the update gave great week. God bless.

  2. Azurro thank you for all of your efforts. What you do for us is highly appreciated. This is my first comment but i have been following your translation for quite a while. Seeing how Many people get mad at you for not posting updating early made me a little angrier. You have your own life to live but Still you decide to use your precios time for us. For all this i am very grateful.

    Once more thank you for all your efforts.
    Kisses and hugs from México ❤

    1. She wanted to keep by herself but Gong Xiao Man is type of persistent friend.
      When the things happened, both this best friend would zip tight their mouth but after sometimes, wounds bit heal, it’s okay to share each other.

  3. Isn’t GXM focusing on the wrong thing though? Why is she ignoring the rape ( which caused YY to try to commit suicide twice) but goes after YAT for murdering YY’s mother, which was horrid but understandable, given the connection to his parent’s deaths? Also can’t wait to see the sparks fly. I love the GXM and HLS pairing.

    1. From my point of view, perhaps Gong Xiao Man agreed the rape thing was the only option Yu Ao Tian had in order to make Yao Yao stayed. Since she can feel Yu Ao Tian love Yao Yao.
      While killing is another case. Gong Xiao Man knew the important of family for Yao Yao.

  4. this is getting me goosebump,for what?well I don’t know..and why do I feel like I want GXM who grab MXT neck,maybe she will get shock when other woman daring to do that to her..ahh,I love GXM..she is like my bestfriend,Naj..

  5. Finally ! My favourite ship . I knew why I liked GXM . My girl, she’s so brave and such a good friend . It’s hard to find one of those these days . Many thankies !! :* :*

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