ANSTG Three Eight Six

Zhao Li Ying

Happy Weekend guys.
Anyone missed Feng Chen Yi? XD Well, he still in Turkey but this chapter totally about Feng Chen Yi and Yao Yao. Ah~ we also would have Gong Xiao Man and Han Li Shang scene hehehehehe…
Speak frankly, I missed this couple so much ^_^

Chapter 386

First Time Called Him Husband

“En? Missed me?”


This brat, with whom he learned it? How can he becomes so glib-tongue? Yao Yao realized her face is burning hot, embarrassed she hides inside the quilt: “No, not missed you.”

“Oh, well then I will return in few days. If you are missing me, I will come back now.”

“You better no need to come back!!”

Listened to the phone, Yao Yao anger voice, Feng Chen Yi naughtily smile: “Angry? See your bad tempered, still same alike before, just teasing you bit you have fired up. In here suddenly I have some problems, perhaps still need about five days for return.”

“Five days….” it’s okay, still able to catch up, Mr. Bartholomew had said, it seems that he going to stay here for a week.

“Then you take good care at there.”

“En, oh yeah, yesterday who dressed you up?”

“Dressed?” Yao Yao uncovered her quilt and then sat back: “How could you know it?”

“There was reporter secretly took your picture. I saw it on internet, really suit you well.”

“Oh yeah? Was it? I did also feel same way, it was CEO Hei did it.”

“Yan Long?” from other side of phone called it was so obvious Feng Chen Yi disbelieved voice.”

“What’s matter?”

“Haha, that little brat since he was young he has already had good sense and instinct in Fashion, it can be said that he is a talent in Fashion world, when he was at twelve years old he had already collaborated with Armani’s designer to launch on man’s belt. When he was at England he studied Fashion designer.”

Woah, if not Feng Chen Yi said it, simply to say she didn’t dare to believe Hei Yan Long is such awesome person, as said every designers in Armani is weirdos, extremely picky, after all choosing Hei Yan Long to do collaboration? As seen, Hei Yan Long in this aspect really quite high!

“Well why he giving up on Fashion Designer?”

“You have known his parent matter. Since his parent death, he didn’t touch this thing anymore, even if some times I ask for his help to design something, he also didn’t care. Yan Long could ‘step out from Jiang Hu’ because of you , it seemed that…. he must extremely cared about you.”

“Geez….” listened to the last word that said by Feng Chen Yi, Yao Yao didn’t take it seriously, rolled her eyes: “Didn’t it because of you! It proved that CEO Hei extremely, extremely cared about you, so that he could treat me well.”

“Hah.” from the other side of phone call, Feng Chen Yi gave cold humphed, it seems that Yao Yao not understood Hei Yan Long very well, but he extremely knew him!

Hei Yan Long has straight-forward, arrogant but he also so loyal, bad temper, sometimes could be so violent, also has talent in art and genius weirdos character. There was a time Feng Chen Yi and Ou Yang Zi Xuan unbearable to fight with him.

But he clearly knew, toward Fashion this aspect, Hei Yan Long would never given face for anyone, when he willingly to help then he would help, when not willing then even you force him to do he would not do it!
So that, Feng Chen Yi absolutely affirmed, Hei Yan Long respects Yao Yao, so that he willing to give his hand to help her!

“Well, Chen Yi, I won’t disturb you, I hung up. I also need to wake up.”

“En? My beloved, you just hung up the phone call by this way? Don’t you think that you have to say something more?”

“.……..” Yao Yao’s face is nervous, she understood what this Feng Chen Yi wanted! Every times during this time she would pretend to be dummy and then passed, but today….

She didn’t want to choose to be dummy anymore.

Pursed her mouth, she shyly smile, she using such shaking voice, slowly said: “Hubby, good bye!” After said, there is burning sensation on her cheeks, without waiting for Feng Chen Yi to reply, she has already hung up the phone call.

‘thump thump thump’

Her heart constantly beating faster, this kind of heart beating feeling, she clearly could feel it as nervous, but not….


Even this is the case, Yao Yao quite enjoyed this feeling.

Still that one sentence, the love between lover when it has been long time, it would naturally changed to be family love, or perhaps could not find that butterflies palpitation feeling anymore, but most of time, it could not replace the sense of belonging, the feeling of relatives, the feeling as family….

Turkey, in Six Stars Hotel Room.

Hung up Yao Yao phone call, there is charming smile in Feng Chen Yi’s face for long time.
He really wished…. this kind of feeling will be able to keep continue, until he…  his life ended that one day!

Thinking to this point, Feng Chen Yi cold eyes gradually dimmed….

“General Manager Feng, why didn’t you say to Young Madam Feng that you are sick?” at this time, the person who standing beside him is Lisa who suddenly spoke.

Feng Chen Yi pulled the clothes that drape over his shoulders, his face is white pale stood up: “Told her, for what? Wanted her to come over and taking care of me?”

Since the first day he came to Turkey, he has been suffering from illness, so that, he could again and again postponed his return.

“Huh, General Manager Feng, you better lying down and having your rest. Perhaps later Doctor Ali going to come soon, so he could give you the medical report.” Lisa is supported Feng Chen Yi to lay back on his bed, helplessly heave a sigh.

For all this time, it could be said that she has witnessed the warm side of hers steel-mask boss’s face, there’s time, when she listened to him phoned Yao Yao, Lisa really didn’t dare to believe this iced-cold General Manager speaking voice?

But thing proven, no matter how iced-cold and heartless this General Manager toward outsiders, but toward his wife, he always showing the side that no one never known….



“I say, my beloved, wouldn’t it because you have become Wealthy Young Madam and then you have forgotten about me right? Only by today you just asked me to hang out?” inside one cozy coffee shop, Gong Xiao Man unhappily complained.

Since that day after Yao Yao being kidnapped, so rarely to make phone call to Gong Xiao Man, also never told her what was happened during that few days being kidnapped. “Xiao Man, you don’t blame me. You know my character, during my bad time, the person that I would never wanted to contact always you.”

That’s right. Gong Xiao Man very clear about this point ‘kink’, there’s many times, friend will come to contact you when they facing difficulties, and during the happiest time they tending to forget you, this could not count as friend.

But Yao Yao always in contrary, at her most difficulties she will always shoulder the burden by herself, waiting until the rain and storm passed, then she would going to make those things as joke in her life and then let Gong Xiao Man to listen it.

“Yao Yao, actually friend is share hardship together, and also blessing. You are always like to let me share your blessing, but never let me to share your burden together stay with you at your most difficult times, I could be so sad.”

“I am sorry Xiao Man. I will try to change my lacking.” Yao Yao felt guilty lowered her head.



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  1. thankyou💕 really, fcy is not that bad, even though i always shipping yat, but he’s pretty good, well i think that i like both of them now xD

  2. I’m ok with FCY recuperating in Turkey for another month…. I like the interactions between YY, YAT and HYL when FCY is not around. Thanks Azurro- have a nice weekend.

  3. thanks for the update azurro..you’re the best…cute banter between yy and fcy…can’t wait for the next episode..more of this sweet moments please…

  4. Hopefully, that’s really happening, he got a flu and recuperating …not sleeping around. Why is it when it comes to FCY…I just don’t have symphathy😳😳. O please FCY-YY shippers, don’t hate me, lol. I am bad. Thanks azurro as always.

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