Chapter 387

Part 2 (Two)

Since that incident which happened in the yacht, both of them never met anymore.

Xiao Man really worked hard, she worked hard to delete Han Li Shang in hers memory. She thought, she could this compose and would not have any skip beat for this Big Uncle, she thought she would not have anything with this Big Uncle. But…

Exploded, at the moment met, her heart could not restrain to skip beat again.

“CEO Han.”

“CEO Han.” this time, the securities quickly arrived.

Han Li Shang expressionless moving his hand: “All withdrew!”


“Secretary Mo, let her in.”

Listened to command, Mo Tong Xue loosen up her hand which grabbed Gong Xiao Man’s neck.

She impatiently furrowed, with her cold eyes she swept a glance to Mo Xue Tong and followed Han Li Shang to get inside the CEO’s office room.

The CEO’s office room shut close the door, as if world back to be peaceful, Gong Xiao Man dumbfounded standing there seeing Han Li Shang sitting on the CEO’s chair said nothing.

“What’s matter?” coldly asked these three words which brought endless strange feeling.


Both of them really never known each other from the start! “Where is Yu Ao Tian?”

“CEO Yu only sometimes come to Berson office, most of his time is spent at State Council Office.”

“Can you help me to contact him?”

Han Li Shang close his eyes, at the moment when he lifted up, there was thick cold iced gleam: “What’s matter you looking for Director Yu?”

“There is none of your business. If cannot help me to contact him, just think as I never came here.”

Enough! She really has enough with this Big Uncle coldness. And meeting him again, other than heartache, she really could not find any feeling.

Not understood…. that time what made her fallen for this Big Uncle, it was obvious he only brought pain for her and what else then, wasn’t he?

Gong Xiao Man expressionless turned back, at the moment when she wanted to leave, from her back flown Han Li Shang strange voice….

“Little Girl, how do you do recently?”


“Ring… ring ring…”

Leaving the coffee shop, Yao Yao mobile phone is ringing, looking at the screen, it is an unknown number, who will be the person? “Hello?”

“Mrs. Feng, It’s me Bartholomew, really not easy to get yours phone number.”

En? How could suddenly Mr. Bartholomew phone her?

“Mr. Bartholomew, may I know what’s matter?”

“Really sorry, something comes up at my company in US, perhaps not going be able to wait until your husband come back. If you have time, I hope you can on behalf your husband, to have this business talk regarding our partnership.”


Replace Chen Yi with…. Mr. Bartholomew to have business conversation regarding their company in US? Isn’t this joking?

But Yao Yao understood, opportunity only come one times! Her expression cold: “Alright, Mr. Bartholomew, three hours later I will come to find you, can I ?”

“En. You can.”

Hung up the phone call, Yao Yao freeze phoned Feng Xiao: “Father… Father in Law.”

“What’s matter? Why such panic?”

“Mr. Bartholomew…. wanted to return back to US, he…. he wanted me to replace Chen Yi, with him…. talk about business. What to do? What to do?”

“You calm down!!” from other side of phone Feng Xiao helplessly frowned: “Since Mr. Bartholomew wanted to have business talk with you, whether me or Chen Rui won’t be able to replace you, this is manner of politeness. So that, you must facing everything. Now the thing that I can help you is, asking Chen Rui’s secretary to tidying up all the documents. You must wait me in front of Feng Group, I will go to company now.”

“Okay, Father in Law.” hung up the phone call, Yao Yao let out the long sighed of relief. This matter happened too sudden, if it could be earlier one day, she would not this panic….


Berson Group

“Little Girl, recently how do you do?”

‘Thump thump, thump…’

Heart is beating fast along with Han Li Shang’s question, it even faster than before. Gong Xiao Man constantly telling herself, ‘Little Girl, currently how do you do?’ could this count as a consideration toward her? Moreover at the moment he called out ‘Little Girl’ this two words, it was such…. gentle. “I am quite well.”


12 thoughts on “ANSTG 387

  1. YAT and HLS have something in common. They like little girls.
    I have a skip beat for this Big Uncle too LoL
    I like this couple too! HYL&GXM. They could be a fabulous couple like YY&YAT
    Note: I would like to see another chapter with YAT&YY! I miss them so much!

    Gracias Azzuro! Dios te bendiga 🙂

  2. HLS is missing her and felt bad what happen to her at the yatch. Hope this time will clear up all the misunderstandings and also is the beginning of their relationship. YY should call FCY to get some info and pointers from him other wise she will be helping his brother in law and father in law. Thanks for the update and have a great week. God bless.

  3. Oh my goodness GXM… May fate be kind to you, may you not experience the kind of heartache YY experienced due to what YAT did to her. The rape part is really hard for me. I heard of testimonies from people who was “raped by the ones they loved” it was far more traumatic than anything else.
    This novel really hit me both in good and bad.. I could not let go of this.

    Azurro thank you so much for not giving up in translating this novel, even though there are people trying to steal your translations. Thank you so much😊

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