C-drama-蘭陵王妃 :Finally Princess of Lan Ling Wang Airing


I don’t even remember how long I have waited this drama to air. was it on 2014? or even earlier than? Well, I forgot the exact time. But, This drama was highly anticipated by me after I took a peek of the novel and also after I done watching Lan Ling Wang cast: Feng Shao Feng and Ariel Lin Yi Chen.

So far it has been released three episodes, but I haven’t watched it.

Anyone has watched it? How’s it?




  1. Wendy Liu · 22 Days Ago

    I’m chinese,let me tell u.There are no channel want to buy it(used have two Channel already bought it,but they thought it won’t be popular because the actors are not famous so finally they did not showing it🙄)if u check China google called Baidu,it shows this drama already shows🙄)

    But it’s not😭I really want to watch it.

  2. baddy · 14 Days Ago

    its have different story with previous lan li wang drama

    • azurro4cielo · 13 Days Ago

      yes. I know it. I just wondering how different the novel with the drama.

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