ANSTG Three Eight Eight

Chapter Three Eight Eight

Part 1 (One)

Suddenly Go to United States

“En, then, it well…” Han Liu Shang faintly smile, slowly his eyes looked down, inside his eyes there’s a hint of loss gleam.

Gong Xiao Man raised her brows, raging in fume to look at Han Li Shang who is not far from him, she really wanted to ask….

Big Uncle, what do you want actually?

Since you hate me so much, such resistance toward me, why at the moment I have decided to leave you, you still asked how did I do?

That’s right, it was me who keeping on amusing with you; that’s right, it was me who acting such lowly cheap. But at the moment when I decided to give up, why must you come back and barging into my life?
Do you know….

Only with one greeting from you, only one considerate sentence, for me it enough to lift up all my expectation!

Damn it! Really MF damn it.

Perhaps he just asked casually, but why must I get moved! Hah… really despised myself!

Gong Xiao Man fiercely curled up her hand into fist, her nails embedded into her palm, embedded until there’s red blood mark. “I take my leave first.” coldly said that words, she pulled open the CEO’s room door and then quickly walking out.

But heaven knows, how big her determination, so that she would not lost control of herself when she stepped out from this door and left.

Hah… before she really not understood, how could one girl possible because of man’s love words then turned to be such wild and crazy even losing one’s self. Now, she finally understood, at the moment when one girl has fallen so deeply toward one man, that kind of craziness, that kind of not care of one’s self, and also that kind of helpless.


Since when she have already fallen in love to Han Li Shang to the point she could not extricate herself anymore? Even, she really didn’t know it. She only remembered…. at the first sight that time, her heart has already moved and thump.


PART 2 (Two)

“Chairman Feng.”

“Chairman Feng.”

At that moment when Feng Xiao’s big stride getting into Feng Group, it could be said that Yao Yao have witnessed her Father in Law’s Majestic Aura.

So that, Father in Law at home not at his most Majestic, but at company his image simply is….

Looking surrounded one by one the colleagues seeing Father in Law stopped his footstep, bowing with respect, she felt sobbing.

“Ugh, who is the girl that standing beside Chairman Feng?”

“Don’t know ah, new face?” at the moment when Feng Xiao passing them, few of male colleagues curiously pointed at Yao Yao, starting whispered.

“Luo Yao Yao?” At this moment, Xie Zhi Qing confused scratching her head: “How can she be with Chairman Feng together?”

“Zhi Qing, do you know the girl who was beside Chairman Feng?”

Xie Zhi Qing big moist eyes rolled, she smiled and then nodding her head: “I have seen her, she seemed to be I Department colleague.”

“Oh. After all the I Department has such cute and beautiful girl, too unbelievable.” few of male colleague’s eyes are shining brightly.

At this time, Xie Zhi Qing smiled sweetly, move to few male colleagues in front, coquettishly asked: “Neh, neh, who is more lovely between me and her?”

Few of male colleagues an instantaneously being charmed by Xie Zhi Qing, helplessly gulped their saliva, infatuated answered: “Of course you Zhi Qing.”

“Humphed, see? Electric machine is electric machine.” at beside few of female colleagues could not help but showed their disdainful look, cold smile….

“Chen Rui, the data which I asked you to prepare have you prepared it?” inside the Vice CEO office room, Feng Xiao coldly asked.

“Have prepared.”

“Hand it to Yao Yao.”

“That… Father, can you consider let me to go with Younger sister in law?” Feng Chen Rui until this time still hasn’t given up.

Feng Xiao creasing his forehead: “Chen Rui, you not even understand about public politeness? Bartholomew only inviting Yao Yao, if you also go, it’s only going to degrade our Feng family!”


Yi. This Feng Chen Rui simply to say is type of seeking for trouble! At beside Yao Yao glanced at Feng Xiao who looked so fierce, could not help but curved up her lips smile faintly.

“Yao Yao, perhaps the time not much, but I believe on your capability, due to your memorized capability, regarding all business contract data, all is written inside, you must remember it, say it to Mr. Bartholomew, understand?”

Yao Yao nervously grabbing that document, at this time, she suddenly could feel her Father in Law regard her highly. “Father in Law, I will do to my best.”

“En, I will look for driver to send you off.”


Sitting inside the expensive car, Yao Yao constantly translating all the document data, recorded it. Just at this time….

The mobile phone is ringing.

“What? Alright… Mr. Bartholomew, you… wait for me, I will come immediately…” That moment when hung up the phone call, Yao Yao let out long heave sighed: “Driver Zhang, trouble you…. please drive me back to my home taking my passport, and then… we go to airport.”

“Understand, Second Young Madam.”

Get everything ready, Yao Yao panicking hurried to airport. Guiding by Mr. Bartholomew’s personal assistant, she check in into Mr. Bartholomew private airplane.

“Mrs. Feng, really sorry, something comes up at my company in United States, so that, I must immediately return, still trouble you, to join this trip.”

Just now it was the phone call of Mr. Bartholomew at the moment when he changed his schedule.

Toward this matter, Yao Yao perfectly understood, therefore, she could see one success businessman’s promise.

Actually Mr. Bartholomew no need to be so troublesome, only by one phone called, just inform the changes of the schedule more than enough. But in order to keep promise to meet Feng Chen Yi, Bartholomew made an appointment to meet up with Yao Yao, also in order to show his sincerity Bartholomew called Yao Yao to come to airport to talk about business.

“Mr. Bartholomew, being able to get your invitation, this is one of my most honor. You being able to listen to my business plan, this also make me feel so overwhelmed by honor.”

“Haha, Mrs. Feng you can this understand, it really beyond my expectation. When arrived at United States, if you are willingly to stay, I will ask my people to give you VIP hospitality; if you are hurried to get back, immediately I will ask my people to send you off.” Bartholomew kindly smiled.

Yao Yao smiling and nodding her head: “Okay, then I will trouble you.”

“Mrs. Feng, now, we talk about business.” Bartholomew directly go straight into the topic.

She choose to sit at beside Bartholomew empty seat, translate the document contain which she has familiarized before.

Airplane, it has been flying highly in the sky, Yao Yao is still gushing, while Bartholomew patiently listened to her.

Perhaps, in the past she didn’t understand Feng Chen Yi, Yu Ao Tian or Hei Yan Long and others how busy they were, but at this moment, she finally could understand them.

Perhaps just in this moment, when they just sat down having rest, the next minute perhaps they must fly few mills in the sky or doing others thing.

There are many times, all of them must sit on the plane and then talking business with their customer, or in many times, during their rest time they need to hurry and done their busy works.

There is one good sentence, does the person’s have money has nothing to do?

Hah, now she could only say, this sentence only for those useless zhu zhong (equal meaning with rice worm)! someone who have more money, lessen their private time; someone who have more money, busier they are!


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