ANSTG Three Eight Nine

Zhao Li Ying

Hey guys, It only been days not even a month, but it felt as if I haven’t updated anything for ages. Precisely, it felt alike my translations project stopped without notice and suddenly this blog turned into freeze and my ramblings about C-drama review, recap, skincare, and so on pop out post by post, constantly.

Chapter 389

In The Airplane Meet Yu Ao Tian

“Mrs. Feng, your business plan is so detailed, did you make it by yourself?” after Bartholomew listened to Yao Yao’s explanation, could not help but heave a sighed.

She smiled, shyly nodding her head: “This business plan was made by my husband before he went.” Sorry, Feng Chen Rui, your hard work, I credited to Feng Chen Yi. Just thought it as your karma retribution for years bullying Feng Chen Yi.

“Haha, never thought your husband who stills in Turkey, still be able to make this kind of business plan in very short time. From this business plan, I can feel his thick sincerity. Mrs. Feng, later when I return to United States, I will absolutely meeting with my people and have serious discussion about this plan.”

Yao Yao smile, raised, politely stretch out her hand: “Mr. Bartholomew, look forward to hearing from you soon.”

“I will give you notice as soon as possible.”

“En. Well then…” at the moment when Yao Yao spoke half, her cold sweat going to fall, she almost wanted to say then I take my leave first.

But the problem, now she is in the sky, go? Where to go? Should she open the airplane door and then jump down. “Well, I won’t disturb you.”

“En, the food and drink on the plane, there is lounge in the forecabin, you can go there to have rest for while. It stills has about nine hours before we arrived.”

“Alright, Mr. Bartholomew, well then I take a rest first.”

Yao Yao directly go to the airplane forecabin’s lounge, lift off the partition inside there’s a big sofa for rest.

She chooses the most behind row place to lie down, stretching her body. “Yi, still nine hours to go, but what to do to go through?”

“It’s okay, Bao Bei, I can accompany you.”

Suddenly, from the beside sofa flown such familiar voice. Yao Yao tensed, quickly she looked at that sofa direction, her whole body almost slumped down from sofa: “Yu…. Ao… Tian!” he…. how could he on the plane too?

My God….



Thousand of miles in the air, could not tell the specific time. But in China it is already 8 o’clock at night.

During at this time the night life is started……

“Yi…. with Ao Tian absence life seems to be dull.” VIP jockey position inside the Bar, Long Qi letting out long sighed.

He has been more than one month didn’t meet up with Yu Ao Tian, only at the bar to have drink for while, and it really so rare, perhaps not even more than three times. “Still at passed much happier.”

Since Yu Ao Tian succeed being elected as congress member, really alike what they had said on the private yacht, once Yu Ao Tian took the path, really ‘Take one path never turn back.’

While Long Qi seems to be get used with school life; Han Li Shang, himself not really like to go out for fun; without his best sworn brothers companion, Long Qi also lessen go out. “Didn’t Ao Tian ever say before, as long as he has taken the politician path, then must change our lives. Or else, why could he play such crazy in the past?” Long Ye expressionless said, his body is leaning on the sofa, drinking the boring liquor.

“Li Shang Ge (Brother Li Shang), you give a phone call to Ao Tian, ask him whether he has time or not now, ask him to come out.”

Han Li Shang disdainful looked at the dance floor, coldly said: “He went to United States.”

“Ah? When he left?”

“Today afternoon. He went there together with Mr. Bartholomew of Xander Company.”

“Gosh!” once Long Ye heard it, his body raised straight: “It seems that Ao Tian not really have much expectation to work with Xander Group, isn’t he? Why suddenly he went to United States?”

“Humphed.” Han Li Shang coldly humphed, his clear cold eyes slowly looked at Long Ye: “Feng Group has big expectation to work with Xanders Group, so that…”

“I see, it is not Feng Group has big expectation to work with Xanders group, instead of Xiao Meng Li is the person who has big expectation to work with Xanders group, so that he had made this movement?” After Long Ye said this he helplessly shaking his head: “Fiuh, Ao Tian ah, he really changes to be so patience toward Xiao Meng Li, it is so obviously everyday he is so busy, but he stills need to make time ‘coaxing and playing with child’, really impressed by him.”

This words that spoken by Long Ye, perhaps most of people would not understand. But Han Li Shang really understood it very well.

Yu Ao Tian character is someone so decisive, absolutely won’t to waste his time, he is so obviously not have big interest to work with Xander group. But because Yao Yao has big interested toward Xander Group, in order to coaxing Yao Yao to be happy, then he pretending to have such big interest. And the result….

Everyone could make their own guessing. As long as Yu Ao Tian lose, then Yao Yao will be happy. No more, but what to do?

“Bro, do Ao Tian and flat chest reconcile?” because of that matter, Long Qi started not dare to face Yao Yao, moreover Yao Yao has done with her school leave for half year, he even could not find any excuse to look for Yao Yao. So that he only could reminisce the days Yu Ao Tian will back with Yao Yao.

But, this is not more that his wish, who knows….

Between Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian there is indelible crack.

“huh, who knows. This must see Ao Tian… that brat…. he likes to shoulder all matter by himself, at the last he acted perfectly as evildoer and also rotten bastard role, really don’t know what to do about him.”

Seeing the helpless expression shown by Long Ye, Long Qi didn’t understand ask: “Bro? What does it mean Ao Tian likes to shoulder all matters?”

Long Ye put down the bottle of liquor, sighed: “Actually, the death of Xiao Meng Li’s mother…”

When he just spoke half-way, as seen, Han Li Shang suddenly raised and has already walked to dance floor direction.

The Long’s brothers curiously looked at his direction: “Li Shang, what do you want to do?”

The cold eyes are staring at the familiar figure.

As seen, two blonde men are walking slowly closer to that familiar figure, and followed by pulling her to get out from the Bar.

At one glanced Han Li Shang, faster dashed out.

Both of the Long’s brother also feels something off so they hurried following get out….

“You guys…. who?” in front of the bar’s door, Gong Xiao Man straggling right and left, between two blonde hair men.

Two men are exchanging their glance and smiled: “Beauty woman, we have paid attention toward you for long time, are you alone coming to this bar? We just wanted to send you off, this is not safe.”

“Hah? Not safe? Going with both of you are not safer more? Let me off…. I can go home by myself.” Gong Xiao Man unhappily wanted to sway away those two men’s hand.

Those two men frowned: “We are having good intention, how can you say us so?” After said, one of the men is pulling Gong Xiao Man into his embrace: “You must be so lonely right? It’s okay, Brothers will accompany you.”


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  1. Ok fine.. Excited !!! Hahahah.. Miss YY and YAT.. What the gane that YAT will made for his dearly YY.. Guess it.. I felt,, excited to the death.. 😂

    1. You get the point.
      I need a breather since I afraid I going to develop pet peeve for those who demand to much from me and even feel my translation entitled to them.
      If this happened, it will hard for me to enjoy the translating process….

  2. Yes. It’s good to take a break and feel refresh. I would hate to know you are forcing yourself to translate just foe us. But everyone do appreciate what you are doing. Thanks Azurro.

  3. I’m really really grateful to you Azurro! Can you put the link of next chapter after updating it(in the last chapter).. I keep missing stuffs as they have different tags

  4. YAT will do anything to make YY happy and even pretending to let YY win the business deals with Mr. Bartholomew. I hope YAT will not force himself to her again, rather they should have a good chat. Excited that HLS and GXM cross their path again and HLS goes to rescue her from the bad guy. Hope this time will start a new beginning for them. I missed them all. Thanks a million for dedecation and hard work. I really do appreciate you. Have a blessed week. And God bless.

  5. Two fires being rekindled.. Thank you, thank you!!! Take as much rest as you need…we will always be patiently waiting for you.

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