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Substitue Bride 128


Translated by: Azurro
Edited / Proofreading by : Obsidian

Chapter One Two Eight

Meeting Once Again

When Ye Che showed up, a man and woman appeared there just at the right moment in an alley on the other side of the street.  The woman continuously looked at Ye Che, her eyes filled with shock, yearning, grief, endurance, cower….

And then looking at the two persons at his back, the woman was even more dumbfounded.  She didn’t move and just stayed there, still.

The person beside her felt something odd.  He turned his head and stared at her.

“What’s matter? Mo Er?”

Bai Yin Chen asked since he didn’t understand.  But after he waited for such a long time, Long Mo Er still didn’t give him a response.  Like a little girl who lost her soul, stuck there, her eyes were empty while her face was pale as if she didn’t hear his voice.

She initially was walking properly but suddenly at that moment turned soulless.  Bai Yin Chen didn’t understand and followed Long Mo Er’s line of sight. Hence the normal Bai Yin Chen, spotted someone’s figure. He started to change to also be lifeless and quietly stood beside Long Mo Er.  Together they stood still there and stared in same direction.

Him, she again saw him!

That person whom she could not let go! Him. Afterall (this) how could he suddenly show up in front of her eyes.

She thought she could forget him, force herself to blur his image (in her mind) and forget everything about him. But now after seeing him, she realized that she just could not do it.

Once again she met him, being in such close range to able to see him!

At this moment she started to feel that she actually longs for him so.

Such strong ideas immediately showed up and filled her head, filled her heart.

She wanted to walk forward to touch his handsome face, hurriedly get into his embrace, wanted to lean on him, wanted to go closer to clearly see him, wanted to tell him all her difficulties, wanted to cry aloud toward him….

His eyebrows make one line, his charming eyes, his deep pair of eyes, his beautiful tall nose, his handsome smile….. actually she never forgot, she still remembered so clearly.  He in that distant place was still so charming as he used to be.  (This) let her helplessly shift her sight.

And still he is someone who is completely the same person.

But why is there an expression of worry on his face?

Seeing him, Lu Qun, and Na Yan Ge Ge, Long Mo Er almost thought that the trace of wrinkle on his forehead was due to her leaving, thought his tired face was because of her departure.

That moment she wanted to go forward and gave him a hug, step forward to tell them she’s back, then she saw their footsteps stopped.  She spotted that stunning woman, Fei Yan.  Long Mo Er’s footsteps also halted.

Ye Che’s head and back were turned so that she couldn’t see his facial expression.

Fei Yan has an elegant demeanor, bright and beautiful. Fei Yan with a smiling face looked at Ye Che.  Not everyone has that kind of smile which is full of feeling. As long as she saw Fei Yan, Long Mo Er could feel it.

So that once again she could not step forward, no matter what she still could not move ahead one step.

Her body as if dead there stopped, and once again not moving.

She could only helplessly look at the scene in front of her eyes.  Heart ache.

That scene was not something that she could control.

She saw Lu Qun being pulled by Na Yan Ge Ge leaving Fei Yan and Ye Che alone.  Have they forgotten her? They could rest assured so as to let Ye Che and Fei Yan stay together alone? Even they both were unconcerned about her (Long Mo Er)?  Even Lu Qun no longer sided with her anymore? Did they also think that Fei Yan, that woman, is someone (well) suited with Ye Che?

Fei Yan is so brilliant, Ye Che so handsome and extraordinary.  Both of them stood together there as if they were beautiful immortals in an ancient picture scroll.  No matter what she is unable to enter into Ye Che’s world, can’t she? Forever she can only be a stranger; her status forever will only be a substitute.


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  1. thanks for new chapter for this novel…long yearning for me…hehe…
    how many chapter again that our otp will reunite & hug each other..????

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