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ANSTG Three Nine Zero

Who is looking for Han Li Shang and Gong Xiao Man, progress?

This Chapter is all about Han Li Shang and Gong Xiao Man feeling after few months didn’t meet each other.

Chapter 390

The Passionate Kiss Inside The Car

Part 1 (One)

“Alone? That’s right I might be lonely, but it isn’t you guys turned to come and ‘comfort’ me! You let off!” she is using her strength to push away from that man’s embrace, but she was drinking too much, even she could not stand steady, and her strength not even out.

“Alright, Ah Aan, don’t speak too much nonsense with her, directly take her.” one of the men impatiently shook his head. At the moment when wanted to take Gong Xiao Man into car.

As heard, with big stride chasing out from Bar Han Li Shang shouted: “Stop!” immediately those two men stopped their footstep.

“Hah?” Gong Xiao Man turned her head, at the moment when Han Li Shang’s figure entered her eyes, immediately her brows raised, was it hallucination?

“Beautiful woman, do you know him?” Two men curiously asked.

Gong Xiao Man laughed and said: “No, don’t know.”

Followed by her words, Han Li Shang immediately stopped his footstep.

“Hey, Mister, this beautiful woman does not know you. You better don’t meddling with other business.” these two men smiling sinister, turned and wanted to leave.

Han Li Shang moved in front, suddenly pulling Gong Xiao Man’s into his embrace: “Do you know them, and are you going to leave with them?”

“Big Uncle, whom are you to me? Since when my matter need you to bothersome?” Gong Xiao Man smiled provocative, but her eyes are filled with sadness gleam.

She really did not need this man to show this kind of concern toward her by this time, or else she could sink even more deeper.

“That’s right, I say brother, you better know your place. Don’t blame me not telling you, we are Yu Long Group’s men.” two of these men narrowed their eyes.

Without waiting for Han Li Shang to open his mouth, Long Qi and Long Ye these two people who are chasing quickly to outside have stood beside Han Li Shang. “What the situation?”

“Ugh, Mr. Xiao Long (refer to Long Qi)!” these two men once they met Long Qi that moment, they bowed with respect.

Han Li Shang cold eyes narrowed, coldly said: “Long Qi, these two persons said to me, told me to know my place, both of them are Yu Long Group’s men. You say what to do!!!!” After said, he carried Gong Xiao Man with princess style-carry, directly heading to the parking lot.

“Ugh…” Long Qi glared big eyes, raging in the fume walking in front to those two men, and then hit them fiercely.

“Xiao….. Mr. Xiao Long?” it seemed that two men didn’t know how to react.

Long Ye who standing beside could not help but laughing: “Just as expected the men that you teach, one by one are craned end!”

Having Long Ye who was adding oil in fire, Long Qi not even could lift up his head more, pissed off shouted at those two men: “Are both of you idiot! Just now the person was the second Master of Yu Long Group Han Li Shang, both of you even asked him to know his place!”

“Hah?” once these two of men heard it, paused and breathe cold: “Mr. Xiao Long, we are…. we are never seen Mr. Han before, so that…. begging you, Mr. Xiao Long, helped us to say some nice words in front of Mr. Han.”

“Get lost! Get lost! Get lost! Later don’t let me to see two of you.”

“Mr. Xiao Long….”

“I asked both of you to get lost! Have you heard it?” MF, he Long Qi among these brotherhoods, big sisters in front had done many embarrassed things before, who knew…. even his subordinates, also one by one that embarrassing. Really…. such losing face to house!


Part 2 (Two)

“Let me down! Let me down!!” At the quiet of underground parking lot, constantly echoing Gong Xiao Man shouting sound.

Han Li Shang looked with his cold face, not even say anything he just tossed her inside his car, and then starting the engine.

“Where are you taking me?”

“Send you back to school.”

“I don’t need you to send me off, I can back by myself, stop the car! Stop the car!” Gong Xiao Man restlessly shook Han Li Shang’s shoulders.

He quickly brake the car, slowly parked his car to the rood side, angrily looked at her: “Little Girl, are you so desperate? You even can have any relationship to anyone?”


So that, she in Han Li Shang’s eyes was that type of girl? A girl who can have any relationship with anyone?

That’s right, in front of him, she always performed to be such lowly and cheap? “That’s right, I am just this type of person. Big Uncle, what era today’s, I just don’t believe you never had one night stand with anyone!”

“You!!!!” Han Li Shang pissed off to the point he curled up his hand into fist, for very long time, he didn’t say anything.

“Hahaha, aren’t you really that conservative, are you?” Gong Xiao Man moving and her kneeling on the car seat, that beautiful face slowly getting closer to him: “How about…. you try it with me?” her finger hooked on his necktie, her mouth naturally curved upward making a charming smile.

As seen, Han Li Shang good looking face is dimmed: “How can you not really love yourself?”

“I MF didn’t say anything, why are you having so many bullshits? Want then say want it, if don’t want then stop to pull it!” after said, Gong Xiao Man loosen his necktie, and wanted to get down from car.

This time, Han Li Shang suddenly stretch out his hand, and then pulled her arm.

At the next moment, that cold lips are domineering pressed down to her lips….

Part 3 (Three)

On the airplane.

“How can you at here?” Yao Yao’e eyebrows furrowed to make one line, beat her to death she also could not believe that Yu Ao Tian could be showed up inside this airplane!

“Bao Bei, it isn’t only you who can have business talk with Mr. Bartholomew, and not allowed me to have business talk with him?”

“Ha, hahahaha.” she coldly laughed: “Are you sure, you can take mine?”

“This must be what I said to you.”

“!!!!!!” sleep! Sleep! Yao Yao blacken her face, quickly from the sofa she took eyes mask and then cover her face. At the moment when she just laying down.

Who knows, suddenly Yu Ao Tian opened his mouth and said: “Bao Bei, would you come and rest beside me?”

“!!!!” uncovered the eyes mask, she fiercely glared at Yu Ao Tian, raised, she brought her business plan and then move to the most in front sofa and then lying down.

By this way, having far distant with Yu Ao Tian would not being harassed by him, right?

But… it also not sure, this brat! Anything daring to do, but fortunately this is Mr. Bartholomew private airplane, if he really daring to do something, she just shouting out loud.


What should she do when she arrived?


If Yu Ao Tian chooses to stay, then she will immediately leave; if Yu Ao Tian chooses to leave, then she will chooses to stay for while, by this way she would not meet him anymore? En, just do like this….

Thinking, thinking, Yao Yao finally getting into her dreamland.

Does not know how long time…..

‘click… click… click…’ (something alike flickered sound)

A sound inside the airplane, she wake up from her sleep.

Rubbing gently her temple, what is happened?

‘Click…. click’

The sound inside the airplane is getting louder, it gave kind of feeling as if the mountain falls and split the earth, was it encountering turbulence?



25 thoughts on “ANSTG Three Nine Zero

  1. Finally this two cross path again. HLS came to the rescue her. I hope this time will be sweet reunion and make it work and clear the misunderstanding. I’m looking forward for their passionate kiss. Love…….thanks for the update. Have a blessed week.

    1. Yao Yao tried avoid YAT but not able to. The turbulence will make them even closer, that they will seek for each other for comfort. Thanks for the update. Have a blessed wonderful weekend. GOD BLESS.

  2. HLS n GXM is a nice brief compare YY, YAT n FCY. This three kind of going around the circle a lot n am a bit tired with it.

    TYVM Azurro.

  3. sad for long qi…he needs a lot of practice to be great leader…
    how passionate it will be?? hope next part come soon..
    thanks for new update^=^

  4. At last !!! i’ve been waiting anxiously for GXM and HLS to move to another level

    Hope we will have more sweetness in the next post Azurro?

  5. Thanks Aurro for the update now why is there turbulence on the airplane i guess we’ll figure things out next chapter.

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