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ANSTG Three Nine One

Zhao Li ying

It was not me who hanging you guys for Han Li Shang – Gong Xiao Man’s moment, but the author preferred to have Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian’s moment than continuing the thing happened between Han Li shang and Gong Xiao Man. Not my fault you left on cliffhanger.

Chapter 391

Part 1 (One)

‘Pa, Pa’ all the lights inside the cabin dim out.

After that, there was more intense of shaking and also the sound of something crumbling.

Not right, not right, if really the airplane encountering strong airflow, impossible the turbulence can be this strong, could it be a crash?

At the moment when Yao Yao turned her head, as seen, not far from her the cabin door cracking open a gap.

At sudden eyes glared wide, she panicking to unbuckle her safety belt.

Hurry! Hurry!

The airplane has flown high up to the sky, if the cabin door fully opened, instantly she must be sucked out due to airflow.

Her body sweats lot as if her pores overt, Yao Yao was so panicking to unbuckle the safety belt that tied on her body, but more she panic, harder to buckle it.

“Don’t panic, let me do it.” didn’t know when, suddenly Yu Ao Tian has already showed beside her.

Raised her head, facing her was a man who hung faint smile on his face, she simply not daring to believe that dealing this life and death situation, this man still be able to show such compose expression? Didn’t he afraid of death?

Yu Ao Tian lowered his head, faster he unbuckled the safety belt on Yao Yao.

“No… it is too late…” her face is filled with fear when seeing the cracking cabin door. The next moment….

The cabin door is completely opened. Yao Yao watched the thing in front, as if being sucked. “Yu Ao Tian!!! You don’t need to care about me!!!!! faster….”

Without waiting her to finish her words, Yu Ao Tian lifted his head up and smiled: “It opened.” He coldly looking at the cabin door which has already opened, without any explanation, alike carrying a little kid, he held Yao Yao on his embrace, quickly he dashed to the airplane’s back.

With that kind of airflow it difficult Yu Ao Tian’s footstep, he gritting his teeth, strode forward desperately.
Yao Yao biting hard her lower lip, as if she was confirming the terrible destruction by her own eyes, the things in front of her eyes are disappeared one by one, one by one flying in the vastness of sky, without any trace.

So scary….

If not personally experiencing it, perhaps no one could feel the fear of the death coming near.

Even if it was a suicide, it still has showed a sign, something like this which did not have any premonition, really coming too sudden. Just hoping, everything was only a nightmare.

Finally, Yu Ao Tian has carried Yao Yao to the back side of airplane.

Hiding to the rear compartment, Mr. Bartholomew who seen them because of guilty immediately lowered his head: “I am sorry. The airplane facing problem. Let you guys to get involved in this unfortunate, I am so regretful.”

Yu Ao Tian didn’t care of Bartholomew apologized, hurried he put down Yao Yao who was in his embrace before, alike someone who coaxing little kid, he bent down his body, smiled and said: “The airplane front door has been opened, it must be broken down, you hide at the back, more you lean at back, better it would be, understood?”

Facing this moment, this man was such patient and calm, she really witnessed Yu Ao Tian’s majestic aura, his leadership.

Didn’t say anything, no replying, Yao Yao turned and heading to the airplane’s back to the compartment. Because she didn’t know what to say, should she said thank you?

Must she said thank you. Thank you…. for your patience, your composed, let me not to feel any fear.


Saying thank you to the person who killed her mother, didn’t it sound weird?

So that, she more willing to keep silent and didn’t say anything.

“Mr. Bartholomew, during this kind of situation no need to say this words. Does the airplane has parachute?” After Yu Ao Tian settled down Yao Yao, then he talked with Mr. Bartholomew.

Bartholomew glanced at his assistant who beside him: “Where’s parachute?”

“Mr. Bartholomew, the parachute inside the control room.”

 ‘Creak….’ at the moment when the assistant just done speaking, the back place which they lean at is tilted, as seen, the airplane as Yu Ao Tian had predicted, there was a crack.

Yao Yao who is hiding at the most back of the airplane, crouching at one side, her body leaning on to the discomfort iron wall and curled up alike ball.

“Ah….” as heard, a screaming voice, Bartholomew’s assistant sliding over from Yao Yao side, body heavily bumped into the airplane’s rear, his back of head directly inserted to the rear’s handle, fresh blood rushed out from his head.

Strong blood smell, nausea scene, it stimulating Yao Yao’s stomach. She turned away her head, trying her best not to see that scene.

The next moment, Mr Bartholomew from her side sliding away, directly bumping in front of that assistant’s body.

And the next thing, all the things inside the airplane sliding over to the rear side.
Wrong! Perhaps, choosing to hide at airplane’s tail must be the best decision. But…

Part 2 (Two)

The things inside the cabin enough to put them to death! It seemed, this air crash was difficult to escape?

Suddenly, a huge food trolley caught by Yao Yao’s eyes, the food trolley was getting closer to her eyes, at sudden her eyes bigger by hundred time.

Just at this time, suddenly a figure covered her vision line.

“Yu… Ao Tian?” He, what he wanted to do?

Don’t…. don’t act this way…. don’t be like this….

Her flashing eyes facing with Yu Ao Tian’s good looking face also his charming smile, her restless body uneasy jitter up.

“Bao Bei, we… would have not had matter, at least, I would not let you to have a matter.” His tipsy voice, Yu Ao Tian crouched in front of her body, with smiling face he hugging her into his embrace.

The next second….

She obviously could feel Yu Ao Tian heavy body covered her body, as followed one ‘rrg’ sound, and also the pungent smell of blood dripping over the head.

Even though she didn’t see it by her own eyes, Yao Yao also could feel, that food trolley which should bump into her body have hit on Yu Ao Tian’s body.

Ah…. “You have thought this since the beginning?” Yao Yao who being hugged by Yu Ao Tian slowly opened her mouth.

“Wh…. at?” Yu Ao Tian with effort asked.

Strangely stream of tears from her eyes slowly wet her cheeks, lifted her head up, that man’s corner lips have traced of red blood, that good looking face also looked white pale. “You arranged me to hide at airplane’s tail, didn’t you wanted to be meat shield for me?” Asked with growling sound.

The airplane’s tail indeed the most secure place, but the constant of things which sliding over could be given a damage, but… having meat shield the matter was completely  different!

“Yu Ao Tian, have you understood about ours standing point? You were the murder who killed my mother, you are my enemy! No matter how good you treating me, this still could not change the fact I hate you!!!”

She could not think the fact of this man over and over again protecting her, it was only to make her living not peacefully.

In her mind before this man used to tease her, over and over again made her to feel embarrassed and fasten her heart skip beat, only wanted to see her panic expression.

But now at this moment….

This man was so seriously using his life to protect her, then…. what was his purposed?

Not clear, not understand….

Azurro’s thought:
This could be said as one of the chapters most unfavorable for me, beside it hard for me to translate it at same time, I had gone through many emotions since I must re-read in order to catch the meaning from every words in it’s Chinese characters.
Alike Yao Yao, I wonder what kind of attitude should be showed by her toward Yu Ao Tian?
While for Yu Ao Tian, what did he expect to do all this things for Yao Yao?


19 thoughts on “ANSTG Three Nine One

  1. When is he going to tell her he didn’t do it? Or when is she going to figure it out? I’m so god damn tired of the drama for the sake of drama. The only reason I keep reading is because I have stuck in so far and we are almost done. I think.

  2. And this is how both MC HEROINE AND HERO DIE… This story goes from north pole to South pole in just a matter of few paragraphs…I am actually interested in the question that Yao Yao raised should she thank him or not…for me I’d rather die than say thanks to him…but we still don’t know if he really is the bad guy or not…

    P.s. I reallllllly wanted Han Li Shang – Gong Xiao Man moment,

  3. Nooooo ,the intense of this scene it feels so real why , why, why, must we be left to imagine what happensf next.Thanks Azurro for the chapter .

  4. I hope this situation they are in will be an eye opening for YY how YAT really care and love her and the brink of death he will confess to her that he didn’t killed her mom and confess his love. I’m eagerly awaits for the next part. Thank you very much for the update. Have a blessed day.

  5. YY is a smart girl yet she is dumb (dense). She truly can’t see who is good to her genuinely good to her, not only he is good as well as his followers. YAT make sure of it. FCY know his family will not treat YY well left her there to defend herself or take her with. I am so tired of going around merry-go-round where YY, YAT & FCY are concerned. As Ben said that we came so far with this story truly we are coming close to the end of the novel right???!! Instead of going forward we kind of either going backward or at the stand still. *sigh*

    Thank you very much for your effort in this Azurro.

  6. I can see why YAT would not tell YY about who murder her mother. Even if YAT tell YY that he didn’t murder her mom will she believes in him. She believe FCY’s words over YAT just because YAT is someone who from the underworld mafia whereas FCY is a rich young master.

    Yes YAT had hurt YY but he protected her too n y can’t YY see that too. She has been consumed by hatred so much so she can’t see the truth in front of her eyes.

  7. YY doesn’t know how much he loves her and YAT wants her to be happy and i love both of them but at the same time I feel bad for FCY. And thanks for the chapter 😁

  8. Can’t believe these two, at the brink of death when you are in a falling aircraft with odds of survival almost zero, STILL CANT BE HONEST WITH EACH OTHER !!! Omgggggg… hahaha no wonder they are so screwed up and will head to a screwed up ending… 😅😢😭

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