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ANSTG Three Nine Two I


Chapter 392

Part 1 (One)

“This is my debt toward you. And this is nothing regarding the hatred between you and me…. did not have any relation.” Softly whispering, seeing Yu Ao Tian’s face which showing gentle smile.

She really didn’t want to see this man showed her such smile, she preferred to see his provoking yet devilish smile, but she really didn’t want him to show type contagious smile!!!!

“Yu Ao Tian, the debt you owed me was you killed my mother, the debt you owed me was you raped me when I was in process of wedding. These two debts, I would have used other ways to take it from you, but it would not be your life!!!”

“Hah. Silly, the thing that I owed you…. it is my life….” big hand with all his strength pressed down her head into his embrace, Yu Ao Tian used his strength to clench his teeth.

‘Creak creak’

There was constantly falling down sound from his back, that kind of pain, toward this man the pain was less than the hatred which showed on her eyes.

There was time, Yu Ao Tian could not help not to laugh at himself, after he experienced so many darkness (bad things), he thought that he would not fear anything, but never thought….

Now he really feared to see the hatred which filled inside this Little Thing pair of eyes.

Hah, this such ridiculous.

He had killed many people, he had seen many pairs of eyes which filled with hatred, but none of them being able to let him doubted or touched, solely only this Little Thing, Little Thing who is hugged by him, he really could not do anything toward her.

Ckck, what to do? He really afraid himself to say out the thing that he should not let her to know….

“Yu Ao Tian, you let me off! If you keep doing this you going to be die! Even though you don’t die after the airplane fell, you will still die because being smashed by these things!!!!” Yao Yao constantly wanted to free herself from this man’s embrace, but he was so strong as if not budge even an inch. Alike shield which is firmly imprisoned her by his arms.

“Yu Ao Tian, I beg you, let me off…. let me off!”

“Yu Ao Tian…. My life, I can protect it by myself, there is none of your business!!”

“Yu Ao Tian!!!” helplessly shouted, Yao Yao biting her lips, her small hands pulling his clothes, begging said: “Why you must do this?”

“Does not want me to die?” Silent for long time finally Yu Ao Tian gave his response.

She slowly closed her pair of eyes, her tears continuously streaming down wet her cheeks: “That’s right! At least, I don’t want you to die by this way. You… you must ended your life at the place you must end it! It should belonging to ours…. ‘battlefield’! let me off…. let me off!!!”

“Hah….” a smile disappeared from his face, next moment, his pair of eyes dimmed, gloomy said: “Little Thing, I have said to you, even though I die…. I would not let you go!”

As if the devil made his oath, there is invincible chain which slowly wrapped on Yao Yao’s body. More she fight to free herself, that chain is tighter tight on her; more she wanted to escape, that invincible hands holding her firmer. Until she felt into the abyss and darkness, she unable to struggle anymore.

Terrifying this man is!

‘Creak’ one loud sound, finally the airplane broke down. The next second, there also a sense of centrifugal force, the fracture of the airplane’s tail rotate 360 degree drooping.

“Uh…” Yao Yao pursed tight her lips, her small hands not freely hugging onto Yu Ao Tian.

Even though, hugging onto with her mother killer is little bit satirized, but…. she really has already given up, who ask her not being able to free herself from his devil who chained her?

But… her sadness tears falling down because of what?

Did it because the death that heading? Or….

Because this man who used his life to protect her hence her tears streaming down?


Azurro’s thought:
My emotions stirring up, Again I wonder how could Yao Yao turned to hate a man who sacrifice himself only to guarantee her safeness.
The last few lines…..


11 thoughts on “ANSTG Three Nine Two I

  1. YAT selfless sacrifice for YY safety. I hope YY realized that and change her ways toward YAT.
    YY should ask him what really happened to her mom if he killed her or not,than assumed that he killed her mom. Cleared up the misunderstanding. Thanks Azurro for the update. Have a blessed day.

  2. Happy first November, Azurro. Hope everything is fine. Thank you Azurro, for still updating this novel.
    YAT, just pls tell everything to YY. I’m so sad about your relationship. From the first time I read the manhua I ship both of you to be together forever.

  3. Omg it was such a excited moment. When Yayo yao will realize that Yu Ao Tian loves her deeply . I really wonder what will happen in next chapter.
    Thank you azurro 🙂

  4. I think I can feel why Yao Yao is doing like this!! She’s having mixed thoughts..YAT although had helped her out in a lot of stuffs, but he had always tortured her(physically and mentally).. But he’s warmth somehow made her heart “beat”, she started believing this man..but then she found out, he killed her mom( although that’s probably not true but YAT won’t give any explanation) he raped her in her wedding day..after that, when YY finally was feeling settled with FCY, he again came raped her and said those ear piercing words..that lead her to attempt suicide.. YY hated the fact (she was impressed too) that this man can control everything.. Even “her emotions”. Now when she’s being saved by this man selflessly, her mind is numb..she’s having the feeling that, this man even by killing himself will control ” her emotions”…She wants to hate this man to the fullest, she wants to have a proper fight with him and that’s why she doesn’t want his mercy..she doesn’t want him to control her anymore.. But now with what is going on she’s having serious trouble in hating this man…she’s hating the fact that she’s not being able to hate this man (but she doesn’t know this)

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