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ANSTG Three Nine Two II

Australia-R18-RatingHohohohohoho…… you know what this mean, here going to be some (almost all) steamy scenes.
This chapter going to be divided into four part because the chapter super long.
Happy November ^_^

Chapter 392

Part 2 (Two)


Push opened the Hotel room door, Gong Xiao Man didn’t care anything desperate hold onto Han Li Shang and kissed passionately.

This cold man at this moment all his coldness faded away, he closed the room door, impulsively replying this little girl ** kiss.

The rough breathing, the ambiguous atmosphere, walking at the corridor piece by piece the clothes taken off.

The quiet cold room suddenly changed as if burned hot, at the moment they have on the bed, Han Li Shang’s shirt has already taken off, Gong Xiao Man’s clothes are messed.

Her pair of lips slowly separating from man’s lips, a vague silver thing connected their lips.
Huhu…. huhu….

The heavy rough breathing sound.

Gong Xiao Man could not wait to kiss this man strong build chest, such skillful tongue wandering on his chest.

Perhaps, unwillingly to be at the passive position, Han Li Shang as someone who is domineering turn over Gong Xiao Man and pressed her down.

Cold-ice skillful big hand opened and tossed away her clothes, without taking any extra trouble slides up…..

“En…” one excitement moaning sound, it let out from her lips, she could not help but moving her body.

Only feeling that her whole body as if burning up, her body alike an ant which climbing on the hot pan such tormenting. “So hot, I feel so hot…” a voice of yearning mixed up with the rough breathing all getting into the man’s ear.

He was not slowing down but also not in hurry to kiss from her collar bone to down, such meticulous, such great and patience.

“Uh…” the soften body felt as if soaked into warm bubble bath, Gong Xiao Man not only bending her body from time to time rub onto her own pair of leg, that restless small hands hurried to stretch out touching than man’s abdomen….

“Huh….” Han Li Shang gasped cold air, his ice cold pair of eyes at sudden burned up with that**. he hurried to take off her long jeans pant.

Xiao Man little bit dummy taking off his belt, but this damn belt seemed to be intending to go oppose her no matter how, it could not take off!

Seeing little girl impatience, Han Li Shang who has been burning with** didn’t think much, slowly taking off all the clothes on his body, bossy pressing down onto her body: “Little girl, I will enter?”

Gong Xiao Man biting her lips, pair of her hand hooked onto the man’s neck, with little bit embarrassed turned her head to other side, she nodding her head.

Han Li Shang pair of cold eyes dimmed, his body thrust forward….

“Ng uhm…” She has worked hard to show herself not as newbie, but the pain feeling as if her body being torn still could not help to let out sound from her lips which she zipped tight!

“You?” at sudden, the lost mind gradually restored back. Even though Han Li Shang could not count as such splendid experienced man, but actually he quite had had lot of experiences. That kind of tight body, moreover the painful moaned of Gong Xiao Man, without doubted this….

“What? Why stop?” Gong Xiao Man gradually gained herself from her pain, the moonlight through the gap of window curtain light the confused expression which body still being pressed down by that ice cold man.

“Little Girl! Is this your first time, isn’t it?”

Gong Xiao Man silent, actually she wanted to tell this man, her first kiss, her first time holding hand with man, her first time being touched by man, first time being kissed by man, all her first time had been given to him!


17 thoughts on “ANSTG Three Nine Two II

    1. Exactly … Unlike the main protagonist … Their private moment is much sweeter …Azzro thank you for the update… Happy November

  1. OMG I love it! He’s surprised this is her first, can’t wait for him to find out she gave him all her firsts! Thank you Azurro!

  2. Thanks you azzuro, it really made my day. Cant wait what happened next with these two bestfriend. One was in the middle life and death and the other one was having her first hoho. at least both of them with he guy they like 😁😁

  3. Thank you for your translation 🙂 I was wondering if I misses anything in the story regarding to GXM & HLS. Since it didn’t say anything what happened after HLS saw them taking GXM.

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