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ANSTG Three Nine Two IV


Chapter 392

Part 4 (Four)

“Why must you marry a man whom you only met for one time?” Han Li Shang didn’t understand asked.

She lowered her head, tears, ‘drop’ falling down to floor: “Actually I am always living in single parent family, even though my mother married my stepfather, but…. there were no feeling between them. My mother have her own life, while my stepfather also have his own life, not long ago my mother business failed, she owed sum of money, my stepfather because didn’t want to share the burden choosing to divorce with my mother. Under helplessly circumstances…. My mother let me to marry a man who able to settle our difficulties.”

This man, was the person who last time coming to Yao Yao’s mother death ceremony, who was coming together with Gong Xiao Man’s mother.

During that time, she even thought that man was a Host who being supported by her mother, who knew, he turned out to be her future husband.

Actually when she said Yao Yao as type of person who never wants to share hardship but like to share joyful, Gong Xiao Man indeed this type of person too.

“How much?”

“What?” Gong Xiao Man wiped her tears, slowly lifted her head up.

“The sum of money owed by your mother?”

“Forty Million.”

“Forty Million, ah….” Han Li Shang sneered, quickly he took out bank note from his pocket, wrote down few words and then torn it, gave it to Gong Xiao Man’s hand: “Total fifty million, forty million for paying the debt, the rest of ten million up to you how to settle it.” he passing Gong Xiao Man’s side, faster he left the room.

Staring at the bank note on her hand, for very long time, that crystal clear of tears falling and printed on her face, “Hah, Han Li Shang, am I really such not attractive? You are willing to give me money but unwilling to touch me?” murmured with confused, the bank note on her hand gradually turned to be pieces alike melting snow (torn into pieces).

Hand wielded, big pieces of snow falling from head, this perhaps as if ‘white snow’ which adding coldness inside her heart.

And then….

Gong Xiao Man didn’t know, the reason why Han Li Shang didn’t touch her, it was not because she didn’t attractive, but because this man who seemed not to have feeling toward her actually is his biggest….consideration…

‘Ring…. ring ring…’

Han Li Shang just walking out from hotel, his mobile phone rang. “Long Ye, what’s matter, it was late night already?”

“Li Shang! Something happened…. the airplane which brought Ao Tian…. facing problem!!”


As if a piece of big stone heavily pressed down his heart: “Have you asked people to search?”

“The government side had taken the action, the United States government, the other Feng Family also privately asked the rescue team to search, now how about us?”

“Asked all the Yu Long’s men to make rescue team and then go to search too!” Due to Yu Ao Tian current status as Politician, the Yu Long’s men could not make too much movement, so that they only could make faking themselves to be rescue team in order to do rescue and searching.

“Understood. I will go to…. make command.”

Hung up the phone call, Han Li Shang cold face, his body slowly leaning onto the wall: “Ao Tian…. you better, nothing happened to you!!!”


Feng Mansion

At the front door, Hei Yan Long and Ou Yang Zi Xuan’s cars are at same time stopped in front the big door, those two persons looked each other: “You?”

At sudden, alert something off, they are quickly rushed into Feng’s Mansion.

“Young Master Hei, Young Master Ou Yang.”

“Where is Uncle Feng?”

“Old Master is waiting both of you in living room.”

Without waiting for the maid to lead the way, these two persons have already rushed to inner living room.

“Uncle, what is going on, why this late of night called both of us?”

“Fiuh…” Feng Xiao sighed, the next moment, slowly said: “Like this, I just got phone called from Xander Company, their radar has lost contact and signal with Mr. Bartholomew’s airplane, perhaps the airplane facing air-crash.”


15 thoughts on “ANSTG Three Nine Two IV

  1. TYVM Azurro…since GXM has torn the check up…will she ended up marrying that man?? Or HLS will do something about it??? Man, we know that YAT in love with YY…we all know that GXM loves HLS but what about his feeling for GXM?? or only sexually attracted to GXM?? This is so sad for GXM…

    I could not believed it that GXM’s mom sold her own daughter to settle her debts…

    1. Speak frankly when it comes to women, Han Li Shang is better than his sworn brothers. As I ever mentioned at the very beginning, he is ‘cleaner’ compare to YAT and LY.
      I am so sure because he loves Gong Xiao Man thus he didn’t want to lay his hand on her. that’s why he asked her to find someone worthy than him.

      1. Does he really love her? I feel as if he doesn’t like Gong Xiao Man.
        Will they have a happy ending?

        Thanks Azurro.

  2. Now there are two couples leaving me on edge…..I am so anxious either of them to move forward and get their true feelings out in the open . Thank you, as always, for the update.

  3. It’s just getting more and more intense ! I can’t wait till the next chapter ! Thank you for all your hard work Azurro !

  4. Seriously… Intense now poor GXM will marry a man she does not love.. These 2 friends really belong to the same boat.. At the same time YY and YAT is in a plane crash.

    Somehow I can’t shake off the feeling that YAT nemesis has something to do with this, I forgot his name.

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