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ANSTG Three Nine Two III


Chapter 392

Part 3 (Three)

“Damn it!” Han Li Shang pissed off roared, faster he got off from Gong Xiao Man’s body, hurried he wearing his clothes and then turn on the light.

The light seized the darkness, Gong Xiao Man embarrassed using clothes to cover her body: “What are you doing?”

That pair of cold-ice eyes looking at the white bed cover, Han Li Shang secretly let out sighed of relief: “It’s good hasn’t bleed…”

Sitting down, she dumbstruck with her eyes opened wide: “You, what do you want to say?”

Han Li Shang quickly set his clothes back to his body, coldly said: “Little Girl, you must look for a man that you love, give your first time to him!”

Hah…. what is he talking? A man that she love? Who is the man she love? “Big uncle, are you playing dummy with me now?”

Han Li Shang heave a sighed, expressionlessly said: “I am a man that you shouldn’t fall for! You…. too young!”

“I am too young? Have you just known my age now? Just now, didn’t you also has a ‘response’, did you? Don’t tell me that my feeling ! Just now when we were inside car, who was kissing me? Just now, who was kissing me when at corridor? Just now who was having intimate on the bed? Now you are complaining because my age too young?”

“That was different! Just now I didn’t know it was your first time!!” Han Li Shang coldly roared, his big hands slowly curled into fist.

Gong Xiao Man not understanding frowned: “What era today’s, I don’t even ask you to responsible toward me!”

“This is not the matter whether to responsible or not, but more because I….” about to speak but saying nothing.

“What? You what?”

“Nothing, Little Girl, go and find the man who worth being loved by you, someone alike me, not worth…. to be loved by you….” coldly he spoke, Han Li Shang turned and walking toward the door wanted to leave.

“Han Li Shang!”

At back, it was Gong Xiao Man heart-breaking voice, he stopped his footstep for while, and thencontinuing moving forward.

“You stopped!!!” Gong Xiao Man crazily getting down from bed and rushed, quickly she stopped in front the door, tearing eyes staring, she forced herself to ask: “Is it because I am still virgin, so you won’t do it with me? If this is the matter, now I will go and find a man and then get rid my virginity!!!”

“Actually what do you want to do?”

“It should be me who asked you, what do you want to do?” Gong Xiao Man made fist, finally her tears which she held back streaming down: “Soon I will go back to Japan…. I am immediately going to marry a man who I only saw one time…. didn’t I just think to give my first time to the man that I love, by this way I would not have any regret, why…. why didn’t you want to satisfy my wish?”

Didn’t want to say…. she really didn’t want to say….

Just thought, with this man who for first time she fallen for, a man for first time she kissed, giving all her first time. Even, he didn’t love her.

At least, she could marry without any regret with man that she does not love.


12 thoughts on “ANSTG Three Nine Two III

  1. This is so sad for GXM. She wants to give her first time to a man she loves yet he think he is not worthy of her. I feel more for GXM than YY. It is sad to know that GXM will be going back to Japan to marry someone she don’t love n only met once.

    What is this?? Who will YY ends up with? Then GXM will not end up with HLS yet he can’t stay away from her.

    TYVM Azurro.

  2. thanks for this update azurro..i’m now caught up with the new chapters…really feeling sad for gxm there..she really love hls…can’t wait for the next update…i’m also wondering what happened with yy and yat in the plane…

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