Chapter Fourteen Two

Part 2 (Two)

“Who dared to bully Xiao Hu?” Due to An Jia Qi perception, Xiao Hu always be someone who able to cover for himself, after all there was someone dared to bully him.

While Su Zhan Mo didn’t notice, An Jia Qi with her big stride walking into the trampoline bed.

“Xiao Hu, who bullied you?” An Jia Qi with her deep shallow kick rushing in front of Xiao Hu’s front. With one stern face she glared at boy who in front of Xiao Hu.

“Qi Qi, he hit me.” Xiao Hu with one of his hand covered his forehead and the one finger pointed at the little boy in front, with tear streaming down said.

As An Jia Qi seen the person in front who dared to bully Xiao Hu is a little fat boy, stood up, An Jia Qi gave that little boy a slap and then kicking him few times.

Because as long as one’s falling down on the trampoline bed, it would be hard to stand up again, An Jia Qi was using this chance, while she kicking that Little Fatty, she also shouted: “You dare to bully Xiao Hu…”

The Little Fatty being kicked few times, but he also could not stand up, so that he started to cry woah woah.

When Su Zhan Mo came, as he saw, Xiao Hu shedding his tears, clapping his hand, while An Jia Qi is raging in fume keeps on kicking that little boy.

“An Jia Qi, you stop.”Su Zhan Mo angrily shouted, he took few big steps coming over, stopped An Jia Qi, pulled up the Little Fatty boy who cried worst than Xiao Hu.

This Little Fatty, Su Zhan Mo seemed to know him, he is ‘The Kids King’ little brother near their neighborhood.

“I want to tell this to my older brother, I will say all of you are bullied me.” After the Little Fatty being pulled up by Su Zhan Mo, he was rolling out from the trampoline bed. Su Zhan Mo face is darken, glared at An Jia Qi, and even more stern asked Xiao Hu, actually what was happened before.

Xiao Hu never seen Su Zhan Mo this angry, he scared to the point going to cry again, he crying while kept on telling out what was happened before.

So the matter was at the time when Xiao Hu playing that trampoline bed, carelessly he hit on Little Fatty, making that Little Fatty falling on the trampoline bed but for long time he could not raise, the worst was all the little kids which surrounded were laughing at him, so that the anger Little Fatty counted it on Xiao Hu’s tab, pushed down Xiao Hu. With a strength, Xiao Hu knocked to the pillar of the trampoline bed, even though it is covered with soft cushion, but because knocked it quite hurt too.

After Su Zhan Mo checked on red mark that imprinted on Xiao Hu’s forehead, with heavy voice said: “Both of you come over here.”

At the moment when Su Zhan Mo trying to bring both of these two kids down from the trampoline bed, Little Fatty is bringing his older brother who raging in fume dashed over.

Little Big Fatty could not more not familiar with Su Zhan Mo, because in their neighborhood the adults often to praise in front of him how smart and understand Su Zhan Mo is, so that as someone who well-know in their neighborhood, he couldn’t more not be familiar with him.

“Su Zhan Mo, was you the person who bullied my younger brother?” Little Big Fatty held his head, his face showed vaguely expression asked. Moreover he is taller than Su Zhan Mo, his body is bigger than Su Zhan Mo, so that in this way it is more obvious to see Su Zhan Mo turned to be so skinny.

At this time, An Jia Qi afraid that Little Big Fatty going to hit Su Zhan Mo, hurried she dashed in front of Little Big Fatty with anger said: “Mo Mo Ge Ge didn’t bully your younger brother, it was your little brother who bullied Xiao Hu.”

Little Big Fatty glanced for while at Su Zhan Mo behind, Xiao Hu who covered his forehead and still crying, his heart knows clearly that his own younger brother must be the person who bullied other kid, but as folks said the fingers could not fold out, so that even though his younger brother was wrong at first, he absolutely could not let other to give his younger brother lesson.

“But it seemed that you have kicked my younger brother for few times?” Little Big Fatty eyes glared, scared An Jia Qi to step backward for few steps.

Su Zhan Mo seen Little Big Fatty scared An Jia Qi, his face darken, one of his hand pulled An Jia Qi, he used his body to shield in front of An Jia Qi, with heavy voice asked: “How do you want to settle this?”

“Hit my younger brother, must be paid it back, but I never hit girl, so that you as her older brother, must get my punch, then this settle.”

“You dare—— dare to hit my Mo Mo Ge Ge, I will go and make report to your mother. And then let her to punch you few times.” An Jia Qi heard that Little Big Fatty wanted to punch Su Zhan Mo, suddenly behind the shield of Su Zhan Mo, loudly she shouted.

“So noise—- Su Zhan Mo are you man or not? If you are man, let’s us have one by one at outside.” Little Big Fatty kept on staring at Su Zhan Mo.

“Mo Mo Ge Ge, you are not allowed to get out.” An Jia Qi worried about Su Zhan Mo.

But Su Zhan Mo showed smiling eyes, lower his head looked at An Jia Qi, and then raised his head and looked at Little Big Fatty said: “Alright.”

Little Big Fatty seen Su Zhan Mo agreed, he also said something to his younger brother, “You stay here, not allow to make noise.”

At same time Su Zhan Mo also asked An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu to behave well in Theme Park, and then he followed Little Big Fatty out.

That Theme Park not so strict, after bought the ticket, still able to go out, as long as getting one card from the ticketing employee, and then when get inside again, using the card no need to pay anymore, this can be used for one day.

An Jia Qi seeing Mo Mo Ge Ge left, she extremely angry, as the result Little Fatty was the one suffered.
“Your older brother hit my older brother, hence I would hit you.”

As the result Little Fatty is chasing and blocking by An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu, playing cops catching the thief inside the Theme Park.

“Don’t hit me anymore, how about later I ask my older brother to buy you guys ice cream.” Little Fatty is covered his head, said with his rough breathing sitting on the fun ball facing An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu.

This time An Jia Qi could not be bribed with food, she used the Fun Ball fiercely hit on Little Fatty, angrily said: “If my Mo Mo Ge Ge being hit severely, I will hit you more severely.”

“Du Fu (poison woman)” Little Fatty didn’t know where he had learned this word, while he kept on avoiding the ball, he kept on saying An Jia Qi.

Didn’t know how long time passed, as seen Su Zhan Mo and Little Big Fatty coming by bringing one big plastic of ice cream.

“Qi Qi, why are you bullied him again.” Su Zhan Mo helplessly saw at Little Fatty which in his in front kept on avoiding Fun Ball, hurried he asked An Jia Qi to stop.

“Mo Mo Ge Ge? Are you injured?” As An Jia Qi seen Su Zhan Mo came back, quickly she forgot about Little Fatty, running over.

“Hey—- little girl, the person who injured is me, okay?” Little Big Fatty helplessly walked over to the Fun Ball, pulling out his own younger brother and heave a sighed when said.

After An Jia Qi heard, immediately her eyes twinkling alike stars, with admire eyesight looked at Su Zhan Mo, “Mo Mo Ge Ge you are so awesome! Since when you have learned to fight?”

Writer note:

Short Dialogue (Qi Qi, Xiao Hu and Su Zhan Mo)

Qi Qi : “Mo Mo Ge Ge after all you can fight?

Mo Mo : “I am not you.”

Qi Qi : “What do you mean? So how could you win over Little Big Fatty?

Mo Mo : “Other than fighting, there still a brain to use.”

Xiao Hu : “Who is like you, a person who only know using fist to fight?

Qi Qi: “Who is the person crying with runny nose, depend on me when fighting?

Xiao Hu: ………….


3 thoughts on “TWHATGPW 14-2

  1. “Who is the person crying with running nose, depend on me when fighting?’

    i can’t stop laughing…….hahaha…………….

    AJQ knows what to say to shut XH mouth and my beloved SZM is indeed awesome. i know for him to agree to fight the guy, he must have thought of a plan to win without sweat.

    TYSM Azurro

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