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C-Drama: Great Marriage (大嫁风尚)



Speak frankly I was not sure to watch this drama since the title little bit not convincing moreover Yang Zi paired up with Qiao Chen Yu, Age gap too big ah~ so this drama looks more alike ‘Old cow eats young grass’

Synopsis Credit to Baidu:
A wedding planner Xia Ran suddenly being dumped by her boyfriend Jiang Jian Nan. Jiang Jian Nan missing, Xia Ran pissed off, she wanted to find Jiang Jian Nan and asked him clearly, hence due to all sorts of accidental mishaps, she met with Jiang Jian Nan’s roommate Jin Zhi Hao, a young Cosmetic Surgery Doctor.

Jin Zhi Hao in order to dispel his mother doubts regarding his love life for many years, he made agreement with Xia Ran: Xia Ran acting to be Jin Zhi Hao’a girlfriend; Jin Zhi Hao helped Xia Ran to look for Jiang Jian Nan.

And then, these two person together settled many cases, helping others to make their dream come true, for finding their happiness. Gradually two of them are having feeling for each other, but accidentally Jin Zhi Hao first love, Nie Xuan showing up.

At the time when Jin Zhi Hao found out the reason why Nie Xuan left him, his feeling mixed up. Xia Ran wanted to give up herself and then giving her blessing to Nie Xuan and Jin Zhi Hao love. Jin Zhi Hao facing Nie Xuan pursuing, gradually he realized responsible could not replace love; for once again he encounter Xia Ran and this time he hugged her tightly and together both of them facing all the matters.

My Opinion:
This drama quite entertaining despite of the cast. I don’t mean the actors and actress acting skills but more to the role they played. The story plot bit dragging but not boring, at least I was entertained with Yang Zi characters as Xia Ran. Personally I didn’t like Nie Xuan character and also Leng Chao played by Shi An as Xia Ran’s boss. This drama suitable for those who wanted to watch light and bit crazy, yet entertaining drama without seriously thinking of the romance plot, speak frankly if you don’t know what to watch in order to spend your time, then you may try this drama.
Personally for me, the only thing remember-able only Xia Ran, this character played by Yang Zi and also Panda Bear XD XD XD

More pictures below:

gm-1See how sweet they are.

gm-3While this is such irritating LOLS

gm-4This is so hilarious

gm-5Speechless @.@”


7 thoughts on “C-Drama: Great Marriage (大嫁风尚)

  1. This has some connections with korean drama : ” marriage not dating” ? It’s the same plot . Well, almost . In the Korean drama his ex girlfriend show up and she is a bit crazy . The main rival isn’t his ex girlfriend but a boy in this case . But overall they’re pretty much the same.
    I really loved this drama . I am a fan of hating at first then gradually falling in love ( cliché isn’t it ?) . And I like very much that they gave an background story to that bossy mom. It was really touching . ( I’m talking about korean version here . I didn’t know there was a Chinese one till now )
    Ahh If only I had time !!

  2. I finished watching this drama a couple of weeks ago, and overall, I really liked it. I was absolutely invested in our main-lead’s story. The parent’s story was not so much. I could not connect with Nie Xuan and Leng Chao. Nie Xuan did not have to appear she could have been “the one that got away” and I would have been fine with that. Leng Chao was not likeable, until the end where I was like… maybe he’s an okay character… maybe. The relationship between our female lead and the little brother get’s a special mention because it was the most adorable thing.

  3. I waiting for the subs for this…hopefully one day it will have english subs.

    I agree with you, it was the female lead that kept me going. I don’t know how many times i lol because of her. I almost dropped it until I saw the part she asked him to give her plastic surgery and did the whole motion of big boobs big ass…I stuck it out to the end just to watch her hijinks…she’s a gem. Going on my list of people to check out along with the female lead from Go Princess Go. It’s so rare to find an actress that has the comedy chops.

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