Upcoming Focus

I can be as sweet as Melody, devilish as Kuromi but at the end, I am who I am

Dear Fellow Readers

Through this post, I will share my up coming focus for my offline and online activities.

  • Reschedule my translation projects.
  • Rearrange my messy post.
  • Back to study Spanish which hasn’t been touched for these past months.
  • Trying to share more topics not limited to Chinese Novels, but also Dramas, self-improvement books, skincare review, movies, music, etc.
  • My response might slow down to reply each email sent to me.
  • There are few of new novels and also dramas listed so that I will spend more time for indulging my other hobbies. Thus, when I done with them, going to share it to you.

Translation progress:

  • A Naive Short Tempered Girl => It’s done 65%
  • Substitute Bride => It’s done 60%
  • The CEO’s Pregnant Wife => It’s done 50%
  • The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife => It’s done 20%

Walt Disney


27 thoughts on “Upcoming Focus

  1. thank you azurro for your translations..not an easy job especially when its something that you did for free/unpaid. your dedication is really outstanding, your patient just to ‘satisfy’ our crazy demands everyday… thank youuuuuuuuu soo sooo much.
    and am still ‘hungry’ of YAT and YY story hahaha

    1. It’s not like I stopped or go hiatus. I will still provide the translation just go along with my new schedule. While ‘tidying up’ the mess, fixing the errors, I will still do the translation.
      And thank you for the support ^_^

  2. Thank you Azurro, you can’t imagine how i appreciate your commitment towards translating all these stories, you’ve given so many of us something precious to do in our spare time .

  3. hey azurro, i read last 3 updated chapters of a naive short tempered girl, but when i tried to read it again, it showed the page does n’t exist. i also checked through email. it showed the same.. umm.. i’m sorry for troubling u.. well are u refreshing those pages? 🙂
    Thank you for the update and your translations 🙂

  4. I recently encountered this blog. I really thrilled to be able to read this “A naive Short temper girl” in English! Really appreciate your time taken to translate for us (whom doesn’t know Chinese….so embarrass)

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