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C-Drama Recap: Princess’s Lan Ling (兰陵王妃) 1

Lan Ling Wang Fei

As I mentioned in my previous posts, have been waiting super long time for this drama to air. My reason simple because Princess’s Lan Ling novel could be said as my very first translation project which I dropped after two chapters since this piece of novel was super difficult to translate. Also, during that time, I was currently watching The King of Lan Ling cast Feng Shao Feng and Ariel Lin.

Little bit doubted whether to do the recap or not since Princess’s Lan Ling original novel is about time-traveling while the Drama seemed not alike. Furthermore, personally I like the interaction between Yu Wen Yong (played by Peng Guan Ying) and Duan Mu Lian aka Yuan Jing Suo (Played by Zhang Han Yun). Speak frankly, I didn’t feel watch drama about Princess’s of Lan Ling but more to Wife of Yu Wen Yong or Pricess-Empress’s Emperor wu of Northern Zhou.

The story is narrated 221 Before Century, The first emperor of Qin, Qin Shi Huang unified the country by asking Duan Mu Ji an alchemist to build secret underground place called Tian Luo Palace. The Qin unified the world’s secret is hidden. The palace is arranged with complex structure in crisscross pattern. Duan Mu Ji in order build Tian Luo palace created three artifacts. Zhen Hun Zhu (The Soul Bead), Li Shang Jian (Sword of War) and the sealed Qin Luan Jing (Phoenix Mirror).

Zhen Hun Zhu


The Phoenix Mirror
The Phoenix Mirror

Only by these three artifacts then being able to unified a world. Later after the first emperor death, Duan Mu Ji gone missing and Tian Luo Palace became the place could not being touched. The rumor spreading said that only the Duan Mu descendants who could find out the Soul of Bead and opened the underground palace.

So here the story begin…

As the rumor said the Soul of Bead was at the Northen Zhou Da Shi Kong Mansion. Northern Qi’s woman named Duan Mu Lian changed her name to be Yuan Qing Suo with mission to come and find the Soul of Bead at Da Shi Kong Mansion which also Yu Wen Yong’s residence.

picture3Duan Mu Lian who changed her name to be Yuan Qing Suo came to Nothern Zhou with new identity as Yu Wen Hu’s wife niece. She was brought by Yu Wen Hu’s wife to join the Palace Banquet. Inside the palace she met Yu Wen Yong and also the emperor but the priority of Yuan Qing Suo mission was to be able gotten into Da Shi Kong Mansion. on the way to the Banquet, Yuan Qing Suo was playing with her handkerchief and by accidentally blew by the wind and covered Yu Wen Yong’s face. At same time, the emperor also at there, He took a look at the handkerchief which embroidered with two fireflies and one unknown red flower.

Yu Wen Yong met Duan Mu Lian aka Yuan Qing Suo
Yu Wen Yong met Duan Mu Lian aka Yuan Qing Suo
The Emperor and Yu Wen Yong when both of them met Yuan Qing Suo
The Emperor and Yu Wen Yong when both of them met Yuan Qing Suo

During the Banquet, Yuan Qing Suo also presented a dance for the emperor and also other guests who attended the banquet. The purpose of Yuan Qing Suo to dance was for catching Yu Wen Yong’s attention but who knew the emperor also caught by her. In order not to ruin his plan, Yu Wen Hu asked the emperor to grant his wish to marry off Yuan Qing Suo to Da Shi Kong, Yu Wen Yong. But this refused easily by Yu Wen Yong excused that he has already had betrothal engagement with Bu Luo Princess and he also said it would be so bad if made Yuan Qing Suo who is Yu Wen Hu’s wife niece as his Second wife. But Yuan Qing Suo said she didn’t mind to be second wife as long as she able marry to Yu Wen Yong excuse she fallen for him from the first sight (she did this in order to accomplish her mission to search for Soul of Bead).

Alright, the marriage decided to be held three days later
Alright, the marriage decided to be held three days later

The emperor felt bit disappointed since Yuan Qing Suo preferred to be Second wife of Yu Wen Yong but still granted them a blissful marriage which must be held three days later.

Not bad, you look alike bride.
Not bad, you look alike bride.

On the day Yuan Qing Suo going to marry and entered Da Shi Kong Mansion, Yu Wen Hu reminding her about her mission and priority to look for Soul of Bead.

picture8picture9After Yu Wen Hu left, Yuan Qing Suo by holding her handkerchief, reminisce her past when she was still staying together with her fourth Brother, Gao Chang Gong, King of Lan Ling.




When her train of thoughts reminiscing her memories with Gao Chang Gong, suddenly her Shi Fu (Master/teacher) came into her room. Hasn’t gained herself completely her Shi Fu took few drops of her blood. She asked her Shi Fu purposed but her Shi Fu didn’t tell her, she only asked her to drag the time during her wedding night with Yu Wen Yong. Yuan Qing Suo knew that Yu Wen Yong someone cunning so she must find a way to protect herself.


Wedding Ceremony starting with Yuan Qing Suo and Yu Wen Yong bowing to the emperor as first bow, to heaven as second bow and bowing each others as third bow before sending off Yuan Qing Suo to the wedding room. Meanwhile, Yuan Qing Suo’s Shi Fu has arranged her men to search the Soul of Bead inside Da Shi Kong’s Mansion also guarding Yuan Qing Suo’s wedding room.

After the wedding party, Yu Wen Yong heading to his wedding room for his wedding night. He appeared to drunk but actually he didn’t. Inside the wedding room Yuan Qing Suo has prepared herself to face Yu Wen Yong.



picture16Yuan Qing Suo and Yu Wen Yong were having their ‘wedding night’ and messed up the wedding room by smashing all the stuffs inside the room. Their action stopped when Yuan Qing Suo’s Shi Fu men found out. Being called out there were assassins outside the wedding room, while inside the wedding room it has turned super messed up, and suddenly the Bed ornament falling down onto Yuan Qing Suo’s head which made her amnesia.

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