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My Silly Girl 我的傻姑娘(婚后宠文) Prologue


Pilot Project

I still don’t know when going to start this project. It may start when I done with one of my translations, post it randomly or probably I may drop it and only pick my favorite chapters.


At the time when the sound of door being opened, Luo Shang Er stood up from sofa, well-behaved stood up at the hall which as spacious as if could play basket ball. Wen Ze elegantly step by step walking in, his tall figure standing neither far nor close from her.

Against the light, She could not see him clearly, only could feel the outline being covered by sunlight just beautiful.

Lu Shang Er raised her head took a glance at him and then lower her head, respectably called: Hello Uncle Wen.”

Wen Ze’s corner of mouth twitched, really funny.

That’s right, contrary on his expectation, first time she met him, the first sentence being called this way.
After all, he is her husband, isn’t he?


11 thoughts on “My Silly Girl 我的傻姑娘(婚后宠文) Prologue

  1. hope you translate this novel..since you introduce us this story, you must take responsibility azurro..hehehe..
    hope you can have a lot of trick for that thieves..
    thanks before^=^ always waiting for your update..

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