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ANSTG Three Nine Three I

Zhao Li yingThe Airplane missing out from radar, everyone was panic when they got the news. Not to mention Yu Long’s Group, Feng Family and even Hei and Ou Yang Group were also joining to send out their rescue teams, beside China, Africa, Japan and America Governments. But, the question before all this rescuing, what happened to Hei Yan Long’s attitude?

Chapter 393

Part 1 (One)

Everyone Is Looking For Them

Hei Yan Long knew, if Mr. Bartholomew’s airplane wasn’t missing, impossible for Feng Xiao suddenly called them out.

“Uncle, inside the airplane…. would be other people?”

Feng Xiao with difficulty expression looked at Hei Yan Long: “There is Berson Group Yu Ao Tian and also Mr. Bartholomew’s assistant, two pilots, and also… also… Yao Yao…”

At sudden, Hei Yan Long feeling dizzy, stiffen sitting on the sofa.

Standing beside is Ou Yang Zi Xuan seeing Hei Yan Long who reacting weird really curious, but now he really didn’t have time to question Hei Yan Long’s strange reaction, more because…. “Uncle, have you said this matter to Chen Yi?”

“I really don’t know how to tell him, so that I called both of you come here. I have called the Rescue team of Feng’s family to do searching, while Chen Yi…. can both of you help me to hide it from him at moment?”

“Uncle? Why must hide it from him?” Hei Yan Long really not understood, Yao Yao is Chen Yi’s wife, why at this time didn’t tell Chen Yi if Yao Yao missing?

“I can feel that, Chen Yi really loves Yao Yao, even to let him know if Yao Yao went missing, it only going to make him sad, so that, there is no point to do so.”


No point to do so?

MF, if Feng Chen Yi does not sad then it is meaningless? At this moment, Hei Yan Long could feel human feeling such thin, a father only loves his son dearly, but such heartless toward daughter in law. “Uncle Feng, Yao Yao is missing, didn’t this because of Feng Group? The reason how could she go to Mr. Bartholomew’s airplane, didn’t it because Feng Group’s company in United States? How could you afraid Chen Yi going to sad and then didn’t tell him the news Yao Yao is missing now?”

“Yan Long?” Furthermore Ou Yang Zi Xuan really not understanding with Hei Yan Long weird characters, it so obviously before he always priority Chen Yi more, but how could now he?

“Uncle, I will also try to ask my rescue team to search for Yao Yao’s airplane that missing. But, as long as Chen Yi phones me, I afraid I could not hide it from him!” after said, Hei Yan Long stood up, politely bowed at Feng Xiao then turned and left.

“Huh, Yan Long? Yan Long!” Ou Yang Zi Xuan panic seeing Hei Yan Long’s back getting further: “Uncle Feng, you don’t mind Yan Long, there’s time Yan Long bit weird. And that, I will help you to hide it. I take my leave first.” He anxiously said and then hurried to catch up with Hei Yan Long. “Yan Long! Yan Long! You MF stopped there!”

The footstep stopped, Hei Yan Long expressionless looked at breathless Ou Yang Zi Xuan.

“What’s matter with you? Yan Long? Did Uncle Feng say something wrong? Even though we tell Chen Yi, what can he do?”

“He doesn’t need to do anything! As long as he secretly praying for Yao Yao safety then it will do, this is better than he does not do anything! By this way. I still can see that…. he really loves Yao Yao!”

Looking at Hei Yan Long who showed pissed off expression, Ou Yang Zi Xuan bit panicking: “Yan Long, what’s matter with you? Yan Long, Chen Yi is our best friend ah.”

“So what?” Hei Yan Long sneered: “So that, we don’t need to care whether Yao Yao live or die; so that, because we fear our best friend to be sad then we must not tell him, something happened to Yao Yao. You guess, after Chen Yi know it, would he hate? Or would he thank us? Zi Xuan, you never experienced, the pain because of left by the most important people in your life. When my parent’s airplane went missing, I just found it out after three months regarding the news they left, that time I hate everyone! I hate those who kept the news from me!!”

Paused, he continued: “You say, if I asked Hei family rescue team can they search the airplane faster than government team? Perhaps the government would only use one month to search everything, but my Hei Family rescue team might searching for one year. But… I will use all my almighty to search for Yao Yao, this better than sitting in here waiting for news!!!”

He personally had experienced the suffering because of airplane incident which taken his beloved, that kind of pain.


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  1. People understand each other’s pain…or loss..this chapter proves it…HYL IS JUST SOOOOO AMAZING IN THIS CHAPTER… I wish for him to be the one to tell FCY about Yao Yao… And I also pray for YAT AND YY’s safety…

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