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ANSTG Three Nine Three II

Chapter 393

Part 2 (Two)

Everyone Is Looking For Them

That time, he was only at his eighteen years old, the member of Hei’s family afraid he would be so sad then they hidden the matter for three months,because of this it brought Hei Yan Long to regret for his whole life.

He wasn’t the first person who searched for his parent; he wasn’t the first person who offered the prayer; also not the first person who bursting out the tears. After three months, this matter came to calm down, if he still crying, perhaps going to be seen alike dummy. Only by hiding behind of everyone, he secretly crying.

So that, this time, he wanted to make up for all his regret, whether for Chen Yi; whether for himself who looked Yao Yao highly. No matter what, he wanted to offer this strength.

Open the car door, sitting at the back seat, the car slowly moving and disappearing from Ou Yang Zi Xuan vision line.

At this moment, Ou Yang Zi Xuan vaguely could feel something off, but at same time…. he didn’t know what was off. Just felt….

Hei Yan Long attitude toward Yao Yao….didn’t it have…. over from an ordinary friend?

“CEO Hei, are you okay?” inside the car, the bodyguard concerned of him asked.

He silently waving his hand, pair of his hand tightly made fist, that pair of black eyes gradually looked outside through window, murmured: “Woman, you…. must live!!!”

Two days later.

The incident of Xander Company’s chairman Mr. Bartholomew personal airplane which went missing constantly being reported.

Furthermore the person who followed went missing is included government high senior politician official, the biggest businessman in United States, each of different countries media fight to make the report, each of different countries of government are sending out their rescue teams to look for victims. Including United States, Africa side, China, England, Japan total are eight countries.

Africa time afternoon 11 o’clock, Government conference hall.

“Mr. President, may I ask have ours country’s rescue team has made movement to search at ocean, looking for the victims?”

“Yes, after receiving a message from the embassy, I have ordered the rescue teams to search and looking for the victim.”

Japan time afternoon three o’clock, State of Council office.

“Mr. Prime Minister, as it said that the person who joined Xander’s chairman private airplane, who also a victim included Chinese State council officer, toward this matter, what is your opinion?”

“Between me and The State Council of China Mr. Yu have personal friendship, so no matter what I won’t be giving up to help, to rescue the victims.”

United States, Morning nine o’clock, White House.

“Two days ago, our white house senate official got an email regarding Xanders Group, it said that Mr. Bartholomew was one of victim for the missing airplane, once there is any clue, I will notice the media.”

In television, the United States Government has made their press conference given prefect answer.
Feng Chen Yi who stayed in hotel quickly turned off the television. “Lisa, connect to Yan Long.”


6 thoughts on “ANSTG Three Nine Three II

  1. FCY dad choose not to informed him about his wife that is missing. I hope they will find them soon. HYL will inform FCY about YY where about. Hope YU Long will find them first. Thanks for the updates have a blessed week.

  2. Awww fcy just learned accident from the news. Such a shame.. Feng family is machiavellian, aspecially his father.
    What will be fcy’s move?, Does yat take a fatal injury? How they will survive? This sutiation make yay wit yat closer like old days??
    Owww I am curiously waiting next chapters..
    Thank you azurro :)))

  3. Thanks for the update! Can’t wait to read what happen next. I am guessing FCY doesn’t know YY is missing yet. The news did not mention YY

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