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C-Drama: Zhang Ruo Yun in Dr. Qin Medical Examiner (法医秦明)


There are many Chinese Dramas currently airing and whether by coincidence or because the Actor and Actress seemed gaining popularity, lately I almost spotted them not only in one Drama but more than twos. Zhang Ruo Yun, this name lately quite famous and his fan base seem growing bigger after taking role in Wu Xin: The Monster Killer last year, The Legend of Nine Tailed (青丘狐传说), Promise of migratory birds (十五年等待候鸟), Novoland The Castle in The Sky (九州·天空城), Sparrow (麻雀) and Dr. Qin Medical Examiner (法醫秦明). At same time, Jiao Jun Yan my first time spotted her only at Remembering Li Chuan (遇见王沥川) with Godfrey Gao and the second time in The Legend of Chusen (青云志).

This drama has listed in my watching list not long ago after I done with Love Me If You Dare starring Wallace Huo. I was looking a same type of genre drama.

Synopsis (credit to Baidu)
Long Fan Team leader of Police officer for Operation Division Lin Tao and the Chief Medical Examiner (forensic) Qin Ming is many years best friend. Qin Ming’s assistant who could not bear with Qin Ming quirky and weird temperamental resigned. The trace inspection Li Da Bao by mistaken gotten into this small team as part of member. initially Qin Ming who not believed on Da Bao since she is female, but the stubborn Da Bao in the middle of solving problems, showing not bad observation and also deduction ability, moreover she has very good and sharp nose, finally the picky Qin Ming let Da Bao to stay. The first case which received by Long Fan Police Station was ‘The Explosion Oil case’ which later leads Lin Tao (Team leader Police officer), Qin Ming (Chief of Medical Examiner) and Da Bao (Qin Ming’s assistant) to many bizarre cases.

My Verdict:
I like this drama since the first episode. It is not boring and filled with many funny scenes which really live up the story plot. The actors and actress are thumps up and I even growing to like Zhang Ruo Yun and Jiao Jun Yan more also Li Xian who played as Lin Tao.
The case solving isn’t dragging and this type of drama suitable for those who like quick problem solving case.

More Picture Below:


This Chibi picture really cute but somewhat not alike Zhang Ruo Yun.

dr-qin-3Li Xian as Li Tao, the team leader of Police Officer. He happened to have serious appearance as Police Officer but actually he quite funny guy 🙂

dr-qin-4Hohohohoho, here is the Chief of Medical Examiner Qin Ming played by Zhang Ruo Yun.

picture1This is the scene from first episode





6 thoughts on “C-Drama: Zhang Ruo Yun in Dr. Qin Medical Examiner (法医秦明)

  1. Hi Azurro, did you watch Remembering Li Chuan online or on DVD? It seems that I cannot find Remembering Li Chuan DVD in Jakarta..

  2. hi Azurro! if you got a little free time, could you please write a post about your favorite or recommended chinese drama or movies? there’s a lot out there and i don’t know which one that worth it to watch…. just if you got a little free time hehe, thankyou so much 💕💕

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