Chapter 15

Part (One)

Terrified With English

Su Zhan Mo using his finger to strike An Jia Qi’s head, helplessly shaking his head.

“Eat your ice lolly. This bought by Little Fatty’s older brother for all of you.”

An Jia Qi sensed the situation, delighted to choose from the plastic bag.

“Woah—- it has Snowman and also Big Red Fruit….” An Jia Qi loves the most these two kind of ice lolly, at this time quite hard to make decision what to choose. While Xiao Hu once he heard there is ice lolly, he also coming over to choose the ice lolly that he likes.

“Xiao Hu, you are not allowed to pick this one, this is for Mo Mo Ge Ge.” after said, An Jia Qi with bossy attitude took the Big Red Fruit ice lolly from Xiao Hu hand, then giving it to Su Zhan Mo, while she picked Snowman Ice lolly for herself.

Xiao Hu never cared with these things, as long as he got a share to eat the ice lolly then it would do, so that he happily picking the Banana Ice lolly. By this time there only left two ice lolly in the plastic bag. Su Zhan Mo gave it to Little Big Fatty, let him to choose.

This time An Jia Qi didn’t say anything, after all these were bought by Little Fatty’s older brother.

An Jia Qi took a first bite of Su Zhan Mo’s Big Red Fruit ice lolly, and then she unwrapped her own ice lolly cover, sitting together with Xiao Hu at beside while eating the ice lolly.

“Su Zhan Mo, this your younger sister really won’t be loss.” Little Big Fatty sitting at beside while eating his own ice lolly, heave a sighed.

Su Zhan Mo helplessly smiles, didn’t say anything, sitting beside An Jia Qi, prepared himself at anytime An Jia Qi might bite his ice lolly again.

Little Big Fatty at beside secretly surprised, at school he used to hear everything regarding Su Zhan Mo who did not like to speak, his cold attitude, but never thought today as he seen, he realized not alike Su Zhan Mo disliked to speak, but he absolutely is someone with great level of black belly, pitied him threw the helve after the hatchet*. this also taught Little Big Fatty later in the future after he married and has his own children, he used to teach his children, later on every times meeting kids from Su’s family, don’t go forward for them, or else after being sold by them still helping them to count the money.

After ate the ice lolly, An Jia Qi, Xiao Hu and Little Fatty are forgiving each other (settled the matter), three of them were playing crazily inside the Theme Park. While Su Zhan Mo and Little Big Fatty were looking for shady place which can lie down and chatting.

“Su Zhan Mo how could you know that matter?”

“I saw it without any intention, initially it was not my business, but you have scared Qi Qi.” Su Zhan Mo rolled his body, looking at not far of the direction where a little girl happily playing.

“Hey, that rumor wouldn’t true right?” Little Big Fatty glanced at Su Zhan Mo with different expression, could not help but joking about it.

“What rumor?” Su Zhan Mo creased his forehead, turned his head to look at Little Big Fatty.

“The aunties and uncles in our neighborhood said that, An Jia Qi is your future wife.”

Once Su Zhan Mo heard it, at sudden his face blacken, but there was slightest pinkish traces, shoot his glanced to Little Big Fatty, say nothing.

Once Little Big Fatty seen Su Zhan Mo shyly expression, in his heart secretly shocked, didn’t Su Zhan Mo only four grade student? How could he maturer than him? His interest toward opposite sex just awakening, has been found out by Su Zhan Mo, the proof was grabbed, just thinking of it is a bitter tears streaming ah….


*] 赔 pei 了 le 夫 fu 人 ren 又 you 折zhe 兵 bing : Throw the helve after the hatchet; throw good money after bad. 

Little Fatty is the little boy who hit Xiao Hu until he cried and little boy who hit by An Jia Qi

Little Big Fatty is Su Zhan Mo’s classmate and also Little Fatty’s older brother


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