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C-Drama: Wu Xin Monster Killer (無心法師)

111111I watched Wu Xin Monster Killer 無心法師 last year, It could be said my first time spotted Zhang Ruo Yun but I didn’t have much attention toward his role because I was too focused with the male lead, Han Dong Jun and the antagonist Sebrina Chen Yao. This drama also could be said one from very few drama with Sappy ending which I didn’t hate.

As news spreading, There going to have session two Wu Xin still with Han Dong Jun as Wu Xin but sadly I might not be able to watch Zhang Ruo Yun.

Synopsis credit to spcnet:

Immortal Wu Xin, is unfortunate enough to be doomed to eternal poverty. He doesn’t know if he’s human or a demon, where he came from or where his future should lead. During the Qing dynasty (around 1862-1874), he and his lover retired to the mountains. By the Republican era, however, his beloved has died, and Wu Xin is so poor that he leaves his mountain and pretends to be a monster-hunting monk in order to survive.

Azurro’s Thought:

The story plot quite intrigue, because I didn’t know how the story going to end. Wu Xin (literally mean no heart) somewhat able to fall in love but at the end he didn’t end up with the woman he loved.

The actors and actress, they are more than good. Even for me the actors were playing a typical role but I did enjoy the drama. Especially, Zhang Ruo Yun and Elvis Han. Adding Wu Xin, I have watched Zhang Ruo Yun playing in Republican Era wearing that army uniform about four times but somewhat, I didn’t feel and see the previous characters attached on him.

As mentioned, this drama also could be said as one from very few drama with Sappy ending which I didn’t hate. Good thing the session two WuXin going to be released. Just hoping for this time, I can see the ship with whom Wu Xin going to sail.

This drama quite entertaining, 8/10.

More Pictures:

wuxin2This supposed to be the official poster cover but somewhat I just like the one I put on above LOLS

wuxin1I don’t have any second lead syndrome or antagonist syndrome, well, I bit biased but Sebrina Chen Yao just too good. I like her acting as protagonist.


This picture might perfect for drama with supernatural and vampires thingy genre XD XD XD. Like it!wuxin4Just because Zhang Ruo Yun looked so cool with this uniform, I hope he won’t stuck with typical role and picking more challenging character for his acting career 🙂

wuxin5This gesture really WuXin trademark LOLS,  Every times he did this, hm we knew what going to happen XD



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