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Stills Talking About Princess of Lan Ling King (兰陵王妃)


Lan Ling Wang Fei (兰陵王妃) or Princess’s of Lan Ling or The Princess of Orchid Hills currently has been airing until Episode 16. Up to this moment I still like this drama so much and absolutely sure that I prefer Yu Wen Yong shipped with Duan Mu Lian / Yuan Jing Suo to Gao Chang Gong – Duan Mu Lian.

Although I don’t have second lead syndrome but only for this drama, I do really hope Duan Mu Lian would end up with Yu Wen Yong. Again, if this happened, then the title would not suitable anymore.

I watched few of the spoiler for the upcoming scenes, and I just afraid my ship would not sailed and this going to make my heart break LOLS.

For the upcoming episode, I still enjoyed Yu Wen Yong – Yuan Jing Suo ‘shows’ but when it came to the Lan Ling King, suddenly I felt everything changed to be so dull, felt so bored.

The drama itself has very beautiful scenes and also many beautiful and colorful dresses for actors and actress (except Lan Ling King who most of time wearing white).

More Pictures below:

picture6This scene from episode 2 when Yuan Jing Suo just gained her conscious after being hit by the bed ornament caused her to amnesia.

picture5Yu Wen Yong said he hates Yuan Jing Suo somewhat he still taking care of her. Whether when she hit the bed ornament, when she fell to the pond, or getting into trouble. Yu Wen Yong always be there to help her out from the mess she made.



3 thoughts on “Stills Talking About Princess of Lan Ling King (兰陵王妃)

  1. Sounds nice , will give it a try when I find a subbed version…

    Have you tried the Korean version of Scarlet Heart ? I am getting hooked although I am not a Kdrama fan.

      1. Indeed , two many downs , not that many ups. I still hope the ending will be brighter in the Korean version …

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