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C-Movie: My Impression, Time To Love (步步惊心)

picture1Bu Bu Jin Xin, Startling With Each Step AKA Scarlet Heart was one of Tong Hua’s novel which adapted to Drama with same title, remake by Korean with title Scarlet Heart Ryeo and also Taiwan Movie, Time to Love played by Ivy Chen.

Even though Bu Bu Jin Xin didn’t end happily whether Ruo Xi ended with Fourth Prince or Ruo Xi with Fourteenth Prince. I still satisfied with this time travel drama.

I know I might quite late talking about the movie version played by Ivy Chen as Ruo Xi, Yang You Ning as Fourth Prince and Shawn Dou as Fourteenth Prince. Since I just watched it not long ago on Youtube.

Let’s start with the story plot:

Although this movie was adapting from the novel but it has completely different to the drama itself. The only similarity Zhang Xiao Wen (Ivy Chen) traveled to Qing dynasty because she felt to her bathtub when wanted to catch her Ipad which still charging and connecting to the electric switch.

They way they filmed the story and the quality filming was average, could not say bad also best but very watchable. The actors and actress acting completely thumbs up only if I wanted to make comparison, I still preferred Nicky wu as fourth prince to Yang You Ning, also  Lin Geng Xin as fourteenth prince to Shawn Dou. While Ivy Chen and Cecilia Liu, both of these actress had their own charm when portraying Ma Er Tai Ruo Xi.

Story plot, I hard to decide which one I like best among all version. I like the detailed story in Drama version such as the palace and the princes residences. The complex story from Zhang Xiao Han wake up as Ma Er Tai Ruo Xi (Drama Version), until entered the palace as lady-maid and became Fourth prince’s woman also her friendship with 10, 13 and 14 princes and Min Min Ge Ge. But the movie version also has it owned charm. I like the part when 14th prince specially made computer, Television and even carousel described by Ruo Xi since she admitted to 14th she was coming from future. Also the ending, at least movie version gave happy ending since Ruo Xi met 14th prince in the future although 14th as ice cream seller LOLS XD

More Pictures below:


bbjxIvy Chen looked so beautiful even in ancient clothes ^-^

picture2Well, here the fourth prince. Not sure would grow liking to him as fourth prince who would be the future Emperor even there was no Nicky Wu XD

bbjx2Well, in movie version Shawn Dou took 14th and 13th princes role LOLS, as Ruo Xi’s friend to have wine ans also amused.



2 thoughts on “C-Movie: My Impression, Time To Love (步步惊心)

  1. I liked it, too. It was different and a little choppy but oh, so pretty. My problem was that I found them equally handsome – Shawn Dou’s smile especially – but they had very little to do.

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