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C-Movie: Bitter Sweet Ending For Yang Yang in I Belonged To You (从你的全世界路过)


Bad thing that I am not living in China so that I didn’t have chance to watch this movie in cinema. I have been waiting this movie since the first trailer came up. I always like Yang Yang since the first time I spotted him on Melody of Youth in which Leo Ku played as lead. Speak frankly, I didn’t really like the drama story plot, the only reason I still forced myself was because I so biased with Zhou Mi (Suju-M) and Kim Hee Chul (Suju-K) and since then I grew my liking to Yang Yang, a very sweet boy. He was so eye-candy for me.

Sadly, he didn’t get any prominent dramas, at least this how I thought until I watched Tiny Times webdrama version starring Ivy Chen and also Peter Ho. But the most memorable was The Lost Tomb and The Whirlwind Girl (Tornado Girl) first session. Gosh, he was not that year sweet boy anymore but cold mature man LOLS.

Synopsis credit to wikipedia:
I Belonged To You is a romance omnibus of mini love stories adapted from Zhang Jiajia’s best-selling internet “bedtime stories” novel of the same name. Chen Mo (Deng Chao), is known as the cheapest person in the whole city. Every day he will battle against DJ Xiao Rong (Du Juan). No one knows where their hate comes from. Chen Mo’s two little brothers, whether it is the silliest Zhu Tou (Yue Yun Peng) or the city’s most innocent Mo Shi Ba (Yang Yang), the three people all go on rampages daily, thinking that they can all live freely, but the result is that they all hit the greatest turning point of their lives. Chen Mo meets the mysterious Yao Ji (Zhang Tianai), Zhu Tou creates the worst wedding of all time, Mo Shi Ba experiences the saddest parting. These people’s lives reveal things little by little. Dreams, love, friendship all go far away. They have already lost their own paths, until they hear a voice from around the world

My Opinion:
The way they filmed was beautiful but since I watched it through youtube, the quality was so poor. I might purchase the DVD if they sell it. There were so many humors and also funny scenes at the beginning to half way movie.
Not too mention my favorite part always Yang Yang and Bai Bai He.
I don’t like the ending of the movie since Mo Shi Ba died at the end, leaving Li Zhi alone. That’s why for me the movie only ended when Mo Shi Ba proposed Li Zhi. The ending was such bitter sweet for Mo Shi Ba and Li Zhi.

Here my favorite scene, video credit to youtube:


I glad found this trailer because all the sweet moments of Mo Shi Ba and Li Zhi were in here ^_^

More Pictures:

yy1This scene was so funny because Li Zhi asked Mo Shi Ba whether she beautiful or not after both of them were playing running and chasing. She also asked Mo Shi Ba, has he ever told lie.

yy2This scene when Zhu Tou admitted to Chen Mo he wanted to buy a flat and Mo Shi Ba gave him his saving 20,000.

picture1My Favorite scene, the proposing moment when Mo Shi Ba asked Li Zhi, would she marry him? 🙂


6 thoughts on “C-Movie: Bitter Sweet Ending For Yang Yang in I Belonged To You (从你的全世界路过)

  1. Oh Azurro, you have to watch the drama adaptation of “Just one smile is very alluring”, Love 020😜😜: the author Guman who brought us “Silent Separation” and Shan Shan’s story “Come on Eat”.
    Yang Yang in Love 020, caught my heart in a big way, lol. He’s an eye candy who melts you underwear, (please excuse the language).

    1. When you mentioned about loveO2O, Yang Yang indeed was Da Shen that I looked for LOLS
      As I ever said, compared with Jing Bo Ran, Yang Yang just perfect fit with Xiao Nai character.
      In this drama although he was in geek mode, but he still lovely Yang Yang XD

  2. yang yang is really cool in live 020.. i think he is like in the novel..so cool..but “wei wei” in drama a little skinny i think..she has a little face..
    btw azurro, where is new update ceo wife? i miss them..

    1. I will post it as soon as I get Thunder’s Email ah.
      That Fellow went to such ‘desolate’ place, internet connection so poor…… =.=”
      Zheng Shuang indeed so skinny ah, I just like the old days her. she much lovely with little bit of weight.

  3. Hi Azurro,

    I like Yang Yang in Tomb Raiders, he is so cool there unfortunately on YouTube they don’t air the last 4 episodes which p** me off desperately. That C-drama made no sense to me at all…another word, no head and tail about the way YouTube published them so to speak. It is so hard for me not able to speak nor read Chinese but I can understand Chinese fairly well…but…

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