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Azurro’s Thought: Myself Wondering….


This going to be my last post to end this year October. I have been wondering for these few months, thinking many random things, reading novels, watching dramas-movies and also reading many emails (well, even most were asking password LOLS also some inputs). First question which popped out in my mind was, ‘How I feel with this blogging activity after few years?’.

Speak frankly, my first year of blogging was extremely quiet, No one even bothered to read it. Moreover, I never thought this blog would last until today, well, I still like the process, writing my randomness and stayed quiet inside my little space. But there was a point in which I felt doubted about this blog.

All in one, I would ask and wonder:

I wonder if I do all things because my randomness, boring.

I wonder if I will ever stop blogging (moreover after stormed with….)

I wonder if all my effort doing this blogging actually is pointless, fruitless, useless.

When ‘it’ going to be ended?

And well, at the end, I really just wondering…..


10 thoughts on “Azurro’s Thought: Myself Wondering….

  1. I don’t want you to ever stop posting in your blog. I am very addicted to it to the point of checking it has already become my habit.

    1. same thought azurro…you are my vitamin every morning. at least 2 – 3 times sometimes more i do visit your blog, so pls don’t stop posting

  2. Hi Azurro,

    I hope you don’t stop. I really enjoy your translations and do check your site everyday. Will definitely miss it.

  3. Azurro, please do not stop blogging I’m one of the. ‘Regular’ readers. I really tried to read other novels but the story on the one you are translating is very interesting. It’s like a roller coaster, I love it so much..

  4. Thank you for dedicating so much of your time to this blog, you have really created something great! It really brings a lot of people a great deal of happiness, and you are very much admired and loved for all the work you put into this ^_~

  5. while here, i wonder if i can help you with some projects to lighten your work but i don’t understand Chinese at all T.T

  6. Hi, From other side of the world, please do not stop blogging. I am very fond of your works and as like others everyday checking yr blog is my habit as well.

  7. Since that thing happened with the thieves I can see a difference in your tone and my heart aches for you. Your blog is the highlight of my day, even if I have to think twice to find the real posts in the old posts and creative titles. I know that you are weary, but we really value you. Please don’t stop. We love you.

  8. Pls. Continue to maintain this blog of yours I’ll be one of those avid readers of you translated novels will be sad.. I always check this site everyday for updates and others. Don’t a blessed even think to wonder if no one will read your blog. Wish I could help you, unfortunately I don’t read nor write, understand Chinese at all. Have a blessed evening.

  9. Hi, I’m really new to your blog, but I love it and I love your work. It seems so great to me what you do, I do not say it just for saying a compliment. If not because it’s really wonderful that you do it just because you like it and you make so many people happy like me that we do not know Chinese I do not even know English but I try to translate it into Spanish to read it you make my day so happy I wish I could show my thanks not only in words but in facts but since I am from Venezuela it is very difficult to meet you in person I really wish you to be happy and that a bit of your happiness you can continue sharing them in your blog thanks Azurro

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