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ANSTG Three Nine Five III


Chapter 395

Part 3 (Three)

She Poisoned

According to the Elder, this hot spring is able to cure all diseases, naturally it also can antidote the green leaves poison in Yao Yao’s body, but this magical hot spring is belonged to the local despot, someone such tyrannical and fierce. So that she kept on reminding Yu Ao Tian to avoid them, must take the advantage during night time and secretly sneaking into there.

This natural hot spring is surrounded by thin mist, ‘tik’ ‘tik’ the sound of the flowing water echoed in the night sky.

Yu Ao Tian standing on the hot spring side while calming down himself, and then he held Yao Yao onto his embrace and jumped inside the hot spring.

At sudden, the refreshing feeling from his toe to his head, Yu Ao Tian could not help himself not to utter out one satisfied moaning. “Hah, really worth to be called as magical hot spring.”

Still embracing her and then swimming close to side of rock wall, he is looking for place to sit down, while still holding on Yao Yao and let her to sit on his own arms.

He glanced at this cute Little Girl, he is smiling faintly on his face.

Speak honestly, if not because he afraid once this Little Thing wake up and then seeing herself in green color and crying, he really didn’t want to cure her.

Gradually, the green color in Yao Yao’s body fading, Yu Ao Tian smiling while stretching out his hand then gently pinched her nose tip.

“Uh…. hum….ng, hateful.” Yao Yao who was still in unconscious state for this time, finally at this moment showed her first response, the way she hum ng hum especially lovely.

“Fiuh.” as if someone who in dreamland, Yu Ao Tian smile devilishly push upward her nose tip. At sudden, a lovely little face changed to look alike little pig.

“Hng…hng… hng…” one after another hng sound for few times, the petite body also followed restlessly twisting.

Bluntly, she is sitting on Yu Ao Tian’s arm, once this time moving, unintentionally rubbing onto him.

“Damn it!” afraid losing control, Yu Ao Tian didn’t dare to tease her anymore.

But unpredictably Yao Yao leaning forward, her head naturally supported by his shoulder, perhaps little bit uncomfortable, once she moving, this constantly tormenting him.

“Really such tormenting little demoness, sleeping also…. so restless!” Yu Ao Tian impatiently creasing his forehead…..

“Uh…” half dreaming and in the middle of curing, Yao Yao slightly could feel the tingling feeling in her body.

That kind of feeling bit itchy, but also comfortable.

“Hng….” the tight lips let out one moan sound, it felt getting more intense.

What feeling is this? It felt such familiar, chest felt stuffed, as if desired on something and wanted to fill it full.

Reluctantly opened her eyes.

The first thing that entered into her vision line was Yu Ao Tian good looking face which smile devilish.

“Bao Bei, you wake up?”

She opened wide her eyes and then lower her head…. “You…. you…. get rid your hand!” shuddered, she jumped out from his body.

Then followed by the tingling sensation in her ankles.

Rotten bastard! The fact she forgotten if she sprained her leg. But….

Where is this?

Confusing her eyes were wildly looking at the surrounded, as her memory remembered, didn’t she at an isolated island? How could at the moment she has already inside the hot spring? Moreover…. still with …. this rotten bastard man….. together bathing?

Hah, seeing his expression could be seen this fellow come to alive? Once he back to live have done bad thing, really should not help him!

“Hey, Yu Ao Tian…. here is….”

“There is a sound, faster take a look!” suddenly, a large number of footsteps sound heard and was coming to their direction.

“Yu Ao Tian’s bottomless eyes rolled, quickly he covered Yao Yao little mouth, forcing and pressing down her to inside the hot spring, together he followed to go in.

What? What is happening? Actually where they are? Why Yu Ao Tian looked so nervous?

Yao Yao who was hiding inside the hot spring confused staring at Yu Ao Tian.

At this time, one devilish smile faintly shown by him, Yu Ao Tian loosened his hand that covered Yao Yao’s mouth, but replaced it by sticking his lips to hers.


Facing with this sudden forced kiss, Yao Yao who still in the water helplessly begging, her petite body is tightly being hugged, so she only acted alike fish that being caught, constantly floundering inside the water.


8 thoughts on “ANSTG Three Nine Five III

    1. But in the island he has no any gun, man etc.. even he doesn’t know the owner’s power yet. So smart people firts know enemy’s stuffs then attack 🙂

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