C-Drama : Simple Man (微能力者)


我们这个世界上有恶魔, 你知道吗?
Our world have demon, do you know?
I have seen demon before me
Demon is everywhere
是疾病, 是灾祸
It is disease, it is disaster
It can destroy all of the world
但是, 假如你现在的面前有只恶魔
But, if there is a demon appeared before you
You don’t need to be scared
Because It has signed a contract with God
He would not harm any human beings
It only lurk your heart
Until one day
It will keep you heart with desires
Let you to be the servant of the Demon
To be the next Demon



Legend said God created human being in seventh day, from the entire of history human being is the only creation with slightest authority. Satan (devil) is the fallen Angles, changed to hell, lurking the fallen soul to beat God.

but there is a time, both of God and Demon are staying inside ours heart. a prestigious professor doing a research of human organ transplantation in the university of north Austria, found the way in order to resurrection a person only needs five things, it is divided into, ‘the internal organ’, ‘blood’, brain, and other endocrine and Exocrine glands.

But it needed many times of experiement, and the experienment perhaps would sacrifice many people, so that his experiment was stopped at fifteen years ago, because he had created a demon. four people who are involved in the incident decided to use their small ability clear up the case done by the demon, and when the answer out….



I am so interested with it’s opening since the English Title called as Simple Man but for all the entire episode it was talking about Demon thingy. At the beginning, I didn’t have any expectation for this drama since I thought this gonna to be another funny and meaningless watching, kind of super entertain drama with many funny scenes (something alike I’m Not Monster or KO One)

But again, don’t judge thing before you give it try. This also a reason why I willing to watch the first episode and yet I still continuing to fourth episode (so far).

In my view, this drama gave deep meaning about humankind nature, There is no one born into this world to be good and bad person. Person is changed along with heart changing….

恶魔在你身边 (Devil Beside You)


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