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Review: Pond’s White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel

img_20161022_080151_hdrNot long ago I got Pond’s White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel from my sister. When she gave me, I felt little bit reluctant because few times I tried Pond’s product especially cleanser foam not really worked for my skin. But my sis succeed to persuade me giving this gel cleanser a try LOLS.

Product Description:

img_20161022_080213_hdrMy Verdict:
The texture is clear thick gel with pinkish bead perhaps it is what they called as pearl essence. It didn’t really have much foam. It smelled fresh clean.

The product claimed to have whitening skin tone effect but I didn’t feel it work for me or perhaps because I am born with white skin tone so I didn’t see any changes with my skin within a month.

Price is reasonable compared to other drug store cleanser foam, it price about IDR 15,000 for 50ml (less than 2 USD, can’t say cheap also expensive, so average price)

For about a month using this product, I didn’t have severe skin complain others than it oily my skin. This much better compare to make my skin growing pimples.

Personally I won’t purchase this cleanser gel since I didn’t see any improvement for my skin.


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