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ANSTG Three Nine Five IV

Chapter 395

She Poisoned

Part 4 (Four)

“It was obviously, I heard there was a sound.”

“Just check it carefully, perhaps it was those worthless people who entering.”

“Understood.” at side, there was fierce sound.

While the people who hiding inside the water…..

In the dream it lingered the numbing sensation, in her train of thought she wanted to escape, but pair of her hand wasn’t this man opponent, moreover now it was only one of her hand able to move?

Numbing kiss….

Uh….. ng….

A strong sense of electric stroke, she dived into the water and then release a faint sound, followed by few of bubble water came out.


Stop! She resisted and pushed the man away.

Who knew…

Uh en!

After some time…..

Enough! Enough!

Facing this man who displaying provocative smile, she felt abashed turned her head, a drop of tear fell, slowly fused along the water….

“Perhaps misheard, it seem no one here. Let’s us go.”

“En!” the footsteps gradually getting further.

Yao Yao wanted to take this opportunity to escape, who knew the man pair of hand hugged onto her waist….

Heart, at this moment as if jumped out; blood, as if streaming down.

For once again she and Yu Ao Tian….

Why? Why this man such rude and unreasonable, he seemed wanted to see her drawn into guilty feeling toward Feng Chen Yi again and again then would he feel happy?

“Plop plop”

With a dive, Yu Ao Tian held Yao Yao out from the water.

“Uh…. Bao Bei!” pair of bottomless eyes flared up, he seemed to be exhausted.

“Damn it! Little Thing!” the man still enduring….

The color of her little face just back but for once again it turned pale, she expressionless staring at the rock in front of her…..

Gradually, her frozen heart could not control the crazy and flaring passion, the pale little face infused with little bit pinkish color. “Don’t! stop it!” silent for quite long time, finally Yao Yao opened her mouth to beg.

“Bao Bei, let’s us together!”

“No… No…” didn’t want! Didn’t want to experience that crazy feeling anymore, didn’t want to feel that guilty feeling anymore, didn’t want….

Even still endurance, she could not win over. “Oh… ah…” a sound which could not be controlled burst out.

Followed by the man’s low voice…..

Yao Yao didn’t have strength to climb up from to the rock.

Turned her head, she throwing a dagger stare to Yu Ao Tian devilish face, coldly said: “You are absolutely rotten bastard!”

“Oh? Bao Bei, you better don’t say that you didn’t feel anything, impossible for you not felt anything?”

Rotten bastard! Beast!

But when she swearing him as bastard, at the same time she was not good to any point?

At least he wasn’t wrong, she really did response toward him. Hah, since she met him that moment, her body is controlled by him.

He is a beast, then how about hers… is….

Yao Yao kept silent, turned her head, jumped to the rock.

Seeing the way she walking, the devilish smile which hung in Yu Ao Tian’s face disappeared: “What happened to your leg?”

Still kept silent, she used one hand to climb the rock trying hard to find her own clothes.

Clothes? Where the clothes? Her hand covered, she coldly looked at Yu Ao Tian who was still inside the water: “Where’s my clothes?”

“Just now I was asking you, what happened to your leg? Answered me!” Yu Ao Tian good temperament changed, coldly asked.

She closed tight her mouth, stood up, leaped and moved forward.

No clothes, she just naked walking out, anyway thing has become like this, what she afraid of?

“Little Thing, you stop!”

No response, Yao Yao not even feared with this.

Yu Ao Tian angrily curled his hand into fist: “MF!” now how could he not being able to do anything toward this Little Thing’s attitude!

She simply is fated to be his ill matched!


16 thoughts on “ANSTG Three Nine Five IV

  1. What is there to be afraid of YAT since they r in the middle of no where not even sure when or how will they go back to civilisation.

  2. Hi Azurro, I couldn’t read the chapters after 370 since the links don’t seem to work, is there any password I should request?
    Thanks-you so much for translating this novel! It’s so intense and addictive!

    1. Thanks for you reply Azurro! I joined the blog later on and I would love to keep up with the chapters. Please let me know when the links work or if there is any other way to get access.
      Thanks again!😊

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