ANSTG Three Nine six I

Chapter 396

Part 1 (One)

Faster he chased her, Yu Ao Tian grabbed one of her arm.

“Ah!” a scream because of pain, could not stop her tears flown, ‘thud’ there was pain in her eyes.

“What happened with your hand?”

Yao Yao with laborious wiping her tears, with hatred she gritted her teeth: “You MF did it? Didn’t you see that I break my arm, my leg sprain!”

Did he heard mistaken? After all this Little Thing dare to speak up with this attitude with him?

“Since I woke up, you were losing your conscious, how could I know you broke your arm and sprained you ankle?”

“Get lost!”

For once again Yu Ao Tian dumbfounded, his bottomless eyes are gradually flared up, he hatred really wanted to poke her small face: “Once again if you dare to speak dirty words, give it try!”

“Get lost! Idiot!” perhaps, because she has suppressed her anger in her heart, this maybe the first time in Yao Yao life to speak this much of dirty words.

Yu Ao Tian as if being his meridian gotten acupuncture stayed-still in his place, that good looking face shown such confound expression.

For quite long time, he gently exhale, forget it, since earlier, he has had nothing to do with this Little Thing regarding her speaking dirty words, and now, this Little Thing is speaking dirty words getting fluent, while he could not do much, so that he only bearing himself to get scolded!


Seeing pair of Yao Yao’s eyes which filled with anger.

Without waiting Yao Yao to react, Yu Ao Tian has been carrying her in princess style in his arms.

“You, what do you want to do?”

“Now you know how to be feared? It is too late!” returning to the shore, Yu Ao Tian put her sitting into rock.

When Yao Yao wanted to stand up.

“Stop moved! You better sit down obediently!”

 Once she heard his roared sound, she could only obediently sitting down.

Not long after that, Yu Ao Tian who has done wearing his clothes, he also handing over Yao Yao’s clothes.

“You….” she dumbfounded raised her head, stared at Yu Ao Tian, and then looked at the clothes in his hand.

“You what you? Both of us are still not wearing anything but has recriminated facing the shore, do you think this good to see? At least we must wear clothes first.”

Geez, this shameless man still remembered this not good to see?

Just now what he did, was that good to see?

Yao Yao fiercely in her heart swearing, stretching out her hand to reach the clothes.

Who knew, Yu Ao Tian not let go.

“Give my clothes!”

“Bao Bei, your arm is broke, then one of your leg is sprained, giving you the clothes, can you wear it by yourself?” suddenly Yu Ao Tian speaking tone changed to be so composed, but it also brought along slightly provoking tone.

“How couldn’t I?” She grabbed the clothes, fiercely glared at him, and then moved her body back and forth.

Yu Ao Tian as if waiting to watch good show standing at there.

She was taking quick glance at that man expression, today no matter what she must wear it to show him!


After five minutes….

Only a simple two pieces of clothes, she dumbstruck could not wear it.

“Humphed!” Yao Yao angered tossing the clothes on the ground, lowering her head gritting her teeth, guesstimate if one of her ankle not sprained she would have certainly had to step on the clothes mercilessly.

“Fiuh….” seeing Little Thing who seemed to be so impatience, Yu Ao Tian alike elder heave a sighed, picking up the clothes, patiently said: “One of the hand put on my shoulder, and raise your sprained leg.”

Actually Yao Yao was such unwillingly to do as what Yu Ao Tian ordered. Other than felt losing face, she has not been feeling anything. She isn’t kid, why should she need person to help her out? Really losing face!

The lower part of clothes have done, Yu Ao Tian stood up, patiently he helped her to wear the top clothes.

But that clothes have buttons, his bottomless eyes flashed, his mouth faintly curved upward evoked devilish smile.

When buttoning, whether it intentionally or unintentionally he touched it.

Yao Yao turned her head to other side, her little hand made a fist, she knew, Yu Ao Tian must be intentionally buttoning slowly, simply to say he indeed a rotten bastard! But….

Now she only could depend on this damn rotten bastard!

“Okay, let’s go.”

Gained herself, she puzzled cast a glance at the clothes on her body: “Is it done?”

“What do you expect?”

“But…. but…” she murmured lowering her head, her attention drift suddenly.


11 thoughts on “ANSTG Three Nine six I

  1. She doesn’t have anything to lose anymore! Is Only YY and YAT face to face and YY couldn’t care less about YAT threats!
    Thanks Azurro!

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