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Chinese Web Drama: I Am Not A Monster (我不是妖怪)


If you are someone who like to watch Ko one (终极一班) series or The X-family (终极一家) then this drama must fit your taste at least I like this drama better because of it’s comedy sense.

‘Time control’ He An Yi who is one and head from four chief commander, his ability is so eye-catching such as slow down the time, and even able to return to past time for three times within 24 hours. ‘The immortal’ Chen Ke Po have strong ability to regenerate his body, no matter how broken and fragmented his body, he still able to restore it back. while the person who is Chen Ke Po’s crush, Long Jia Hui is someone who have the strongest brain among the four chief commander, not only have extraordinary wisdom at same time she best at calculation, she also have meticulous, careful and analytical characters. while the countless invisible peach blossom, Xie Wu Shuang who have breathtaking appearance.

These four are living in Qi Miao District (Strange District). The head He An Yi is the Director of neighborhood committee, Long Jia Hui is the owner of convenient store, Xie Wu Shuang is a fitness coach and Chen Ke Po is the person who keep on following Long Jia Hui. four of them are hiding their true identity and living alike ordinary people in Qi Miao District.

But their peaceful live changed after they accepted one job and followed by many bizarre cases to solve.

My Verdict:

  • I can’t say this web drama genre is my cup of tea but somewhat this web drama indeed addicted out from all the nonsense (weird) story plot.
  • Most of the actors and actress were ever worked together before at different drama so that it has good chemistry among them (This is the fact I found, the main leads were played together in Ice Fantasy)
  • As I mentioned, this web drama have many funny scenes which kept me to laugh (perfect fit to watch during my most stress time), it really entertained me.
  • This web drama have very short episode only 12 episodes and hanging at the cliff. But rumor said they might shoot for the session 2. Again, since I didn’t have much expectation from this web drama instead of it’s comedy taste, I’m good with it although I wanted to watch more the actors especially Zhang Yu Jian (played as He An Yi), Shu Ya Xin / Ashin (Played as Xie Wu Shuang), Wu You (played as Ye Zi). Also Zhang Bin Han (Played as Lin Zi Wen, an assassin)

More pictures below:

I am not monsterHe An Yi in the first episode. He stopped the time when the people in Qi Miao District wanted to fight three persons who came to pick fight.

picture2The people who live in Qi Miao District are so funny and weirdos alike the district name, itself.

picture3Xie Wu Shuang is someone who attracting many women and girls. No matter the riches or the those who passing street.

picture4The exaggerating, women are fighting each other only to have his attention and staying with him. They even fought to send him home LOLS.

picture5Long Jia Hui with her analytical, talking with thieves who came to rob inside the jewelry store , by coincidence Long Jia Hui was at there with Chen Ke Po.


Chen Ke Po looked fine even he got two axes on his body.

picture7This scene is the 7th episode when Lin Zi Wen trying to kill Chen Ke Po. This job was received by him after he dealing with He An Yi.

picture8Lin Zi Wen felt depressed because he failed to kill Chen Ke Po few times but he didn’t success, after all he is number one assassin in Asia. Speak frankly, I grew bit curiosity with this actor, Zhang Bing Han who played as Lin Zi Wen. He have face baby but I could feel he perhaps older than the lead actors (most of them are 90″s)






2 thoughts on “Chinese Web Drama: I Am Not A Monster (我不是妖怪)

  1. Is it available with English subtitles somewhere? I searched on DramaFever and Viki but didn’t find it. I’m kind of new to Asian dramas so I don’t know if there are other sites to use. Thank you for your review. It looks really entertaining to me. I enjoyed Ice Fantasy, so I am interested in watching more with these actors.

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