ANSTG Three Nine six II

Chapter 396

Part 2 (Two)

At one glance Yu Ao Tian understood what she was thinking, smile devilish: “Bao Bei, the clothes that you wear is given by the Elder. It is owned by the Elder’s granddaughter.”

Heaven knows, how petite Yao Yao’s body posture?

With height 150 cm something, 70 pounds body weight, afraid embarrassed the Elder’s family. Helplessly, the Elder only could take out the new dress which bigger by one number which actually prepared for her granddaughter before.

“Elder? What an Elder?”

“The Elder who saved ours life.” After said, Yu Ao Tian carried her.

“Hey, get me down! I can walk by myself!”

“Can you walk? Are you sure?”

Yao Yao firmly nodding her head, she didn’t want this man give her a favor.

“Alright. You are really strong good baby.” Yu Ao Tian put her down, strangely stroking her head.

Yao Yao sensed something off, pushed away his hand. “Lead the way!”

Bumpy mountain road, Yu Ao Tian who walking in front still smiling devilish, few times he cast a glance at Yao Yao who walked behind him.

Hardly she force herself to walk away with a single leg, the bumpy mountain road seemed to be endless. It was only 10 minutes, she has been exhausting.

“Why are you stopped? Strong baby.” During this time Yu Ao Tian still not forgetting to irk at her. “If you are begging me, I can carry you, what do you think?”

She didn’t want to beg this rotten bastard! Closed tight her teeth, fiercely glared at him, mustering one breath, she kept on moving forward.

Just like this, along the way she took a rest and then moving, it was only one forth way of mountain road, but it has been taking nearly half an hour’s of time.

Perhaps, Yu Ao Tian was bit soft-hearted still took an initiative to carry her.

This time, Yao Yao didn’t refuse, she understood what called as ‘take note of the situation’

About 20 minutes later, they finally walked out from mountain, the light from small village caught by their vision line.

Yao Yao looked at the terrain area, this small village area seemed to be surrounded by the sea, as seen the back area seemed as endless mountain, actually what place here?

How could Yu Ao Tian know this place?

Thinking wanted to ask him, but at the moment Yao Yao saw that man’s face she gave up this idea. Still better no need to ask this rotten bastard!

“Aiya, have your wife gotten better?”

Yao Yao is bit confused when seeing the Elder who welcoming them, blinking her eyes, was this a person that Yu Ao Tian said before, the Elder who saving their life? But… wife? What did she mean?

“En, thank you, Elder.”

“Haha, it’s okay. But, your wife really is so beautiful, if her face really turned green, really too regretful.”

Elder and Yu Ao Tian were having conversation, eighty percent she didn’t understand (not completely understand). She only smiling and silent staying at beside.

“Youngster, I have prepared room for both of you husband-wife, both of you just heal, hurry go and have a rest.”

“Thank you, Elder.”

“Aiya, see, you are so courteous. Our village has been more than ten years no one ever coming to visit. Perhaps tomorrow early in the morning everyone might be known, they must be so passionate welcoming both of you.”

Seeing the smile in the Elder’s face, as if Yao Yao also being contagious.

The frustrated and irritated feeling suddenly calm down, self that filled with hatred it seemed gradually fading away.

Here, is this place a Shangri-la*?

How could at here there is a friendly Elder?

Such simple, it is really hard to meet in the hustle and bustle of city, perhaps, she really shouldn’t put the ‘dirt’ in herself and bringing it into this simple village. At least….. at this moment she should not release the ‘darkness dirt’

Arrived at the room which prepared carefully and detail by the Elder, this place was so small, the bed is made of straw.

The Elder afraid two of them dislike it, with guilty smiled: “Really sorry, initially this place was a warehouse, both of you were suddenly coming, so for the moment using this room. If both of you are not mind, it okay to stay in my room.”

Haha, Yao Yao really felt helplessly.


*] 世shi 外 wai 桃tao 源 yuan: the outside world filled with happiness and peace, free from the disaster of war.


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  1. Thanks Azurro.
    Can’t wait the new updated chapters.
    I read the manhua also, now @ Ch 182. Just looking the pictures only as it is raw.

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