ANSTG Three Nine six III

Chapter 396

Part 3 (Three)

A Naive Short Tempered Girl (Two Parts)


How can in this world has someone so friendly? Both of them were suddenly coming disturbed, the Elder didn’t mind with them, even so courteous and carefully prepared everything, even it went as far as giving her own room? She really didn’t know what to do. “Elder, I like here so much, really thank you.”

“Aiya, then it’s okay, it’s okay. Little girl, if you have something, don’t mind to tell me, if I can help you, I will help you!”


Elder, can you don’t be this friendly? Simply to say she is being touched and even wanted to cry it out. “En, Okay.”

“Well then, I won’t disturb both of you husband-wife, I take my leave first.”

“Be careful, slowly.” Yu Ao Tian smile elegantly, after sending off the friendly Elder, and then came back….

Yao Yao is simply glared him fiercely.

“Little Thing, what again?”

“What have you said to the Elder, both of us are husband and wife?”

Yu Ao Tian tidying up that simple straw bed, for moment, slowly said: “Should I tell her we are Father and Daughter? You guess, would they believe?”

Said that Brother and sister, wouldn’t it do? Why must wife and husband? “Do you think if you told them both of us are husband and wife, were they really believe?”

“Why not believe?” he lifted the guilt lying on the straw bed, because his back wounded, he only could sleep sided.

“Our age gap is quite far, everyone would able to think that you this Old Thing impossible we are husband and wife!”

Suddenly, Yu Ao Tian hastily got off into sitting position, he staring fiercely asked: “What did you say?”

“Forget it if you didn’t hear anything, people getting old the ear also not function well!” Yao Yao who sitting on the straw twisting her body.

Seeing at Yu Ao Tian facial expression! It changed from pale to purple!

This the first time being said old by woman? He just 28 years old, okay? Listened to this Little Thing said him, as if he is already at his forty!

Understood! Understood! Yu Ao Tian finally understood why this Little Thing speaking such annoying! It must because just now when they were still in hot spring!

The fury expression gradually changed gloomy, suddenly he smile devilish, mouth curved upward: “Bao Bei, although I am older few years than Feng Chen Yi. But I believe, ‘that side of me’ I still able to satisfy you.”

“You!” a pair of eyes filled with hatred staring at Yu Ao Tian devilish face, she raging in the fume made fist from her hand.

Calm down! Calm down! Here is Elder’s house, she should not being her hatred to inside this peaceful house.

Suppressed her anger, expressionless she lowered her head.

“Bao Bei, have you slept.”

Still keep silent, she shrinking her body in sitting position, not moving.

Yu Ao Tian impatience creasing his forehead, poking her hand which not wounded.

“What are you doing?”

“Sleep!” hugging her into his bosom.

Yao Yao restless wanted to free herself.

“Sst. Don’t wake up the Elder.” Yu Ao Tian hit on the weakness directly.

At the moment she heard Elder, just expected Yao Yao became obedient.


With the man who isn’t her husband again and again, still because same thing. She…. really felt uncomfortable!

Early in the morning…..

“Shameless! Rotten Bastard! Ugly weirdos!”

At sudden it a violent swearing voice, Yao Yao slowly opened her sleepy eyes.

Part 4 (Four)

She is greeted with a face filled by hatred of little kid.

After gained herself, she measuring the little girl in front of her from head to toe, it seems the little girl is around seven, or eight, could it be, she is the Elder’s granddaughter? “Little girl, why are you scolding Big sister?” She gently asked her while she standing up.

“Pei!” Little girl fiercely spitting saliva over her face.

Wiping the saliva which spitted by little girl, Yao Yao unhappily frowned: “Little girl, you…”

“Ugly, shameless! Shameless! Shameless!” Little Girl kept on swearing, and starting to beat Yao Yao right and left.

“Ah!” at sudden it brought a sting sensation, she using one of her hand to resist the little girl aggressiveness, the little girl still very small so she only tried to avoid her.

The little girl still not letting her go, even pulling Yao Yao’s hair, also kicking Yao Yao, simply to say made her painfully screamed.

Just at this time….

The shut closed door suddenly opened, Yu Ao Tian held two wood sticks breathless rushing inside.

This little girl with one glance, sitting on the ground, ‘aaw….’ A sound, and then she crying out loud.

“Xiao Li! Xiao Li what’s matter?” Yu Ao Tian tossing the wood sticks from his hand, faster he squatted in front of the Little Girl, gently he asked.

“Uncle, She bullies Xiao Li!” the little girl stopped crying, bad person made the first report pointed at Yao Yao.

Seeing gloomy expression of Yu Ao Tian, she hurried nodding her head: “No, I didn’t.”

“You did! You are bullying me!” Little Girl acting spoil in Yu Ao Tian’s arm, continued to cry.

“Xiao Li is good girl, stop crying, later uncle will help you to give lesson to big sister.”

“I really didn’t….”

“You shut up!” Yu Ao Tian roared, stopping Yao Yao to give explanation.

She only could feel bad hiding at beside.

As Little Girl seen, she purposely gave her winner smile, followed by her sweet smile looking at Yu Ao Tian: “Uncle, you are really good. Compare to this poisonous big sister you are best.”

“Haha, Xiao Li good, go, go outside playing.” He with kind of affection expression stroking little girl’s face.

The little girl smiling while pulling his arm: “Uncle accompany me playing together.”

“Uncle wants to give a lesson to big sister, later going to accompany you playing, okay?”

“En, let we do pinky swear.” Little girl smiled sweetly, hooked her finger with Yu Ao Tian’s and then she happily rushing out from the room.

The noisy hut at moment turned quiet, leaning at one of corner side Yao Yao lowered her head, sadly tears falling down.

She was clearly didn’t bully that little girl, really not! Why Yu Ao Tian didn’t ask her but suddenly got angry directly to her?

“Bao Bei, let me see, have Xiao Li hit you badly.” At this time, Yu Ao Tian has changed his cold speaking tone to gentle smile, walking over to Yao Yao in front.

Suddenly she lifted her head, seeing a smile in his good looking face, angered she creasing her forehead: “Have you seen just now?”

“En, I saw it.”

“Then why you…” when she talked halfway, Yao Yao suddenly came to her sensed.

Could this?


Could Yu Ao Tian born naturally like kids?

Isn’t he always said that he dislikes kids, whom from his girlfriend who was not being asked to abort? Since he likes kids why he does not want to have kid?


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