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TCPW 7.1

Chapter 7

Part 1 (One)

After experience so much chaos in hospital, Once more after going home, it has already at dawn one AM.

Putting her son who has already slept carefully on the bed, Fang Yi Ran creased her forehead, “Yi Xia, you say does Xiao Tian really have physiologic problem in order to draw adult attention, so that it caused his body to feel pain?”

“If this is not the case, then how to explain about it, actually I don’t know what proper explanation for this. After all the hospital, actually could not check any strange thing in his body.” Said Xu Yi Xia, “Moreover the pain that Xiao Tian felt was not continuously, and this time the pain was lasting for about ten minutes. Last time pain, it only last for few minutes. Perhaps if you give him more time, his condition might be better.”

“I still not rest assured, I always think that the pain Xiao Tian felt, not that simple.” in her heart, there’s such restless feeling.

“Should I search for whether I can find such authoritative doctor, to make full check up for Xiao Tian.”

“En.” Fang Yi Ran only could think that way, other than more detail full check up, she also could not do other things. After all, her son sickness, even what the disease she didn’t understand.

“Alright, you go sleep, it is already one o’clock.” Xu Yi Xia patting Fang Yi Ran’s shoulder, “I also want to go back to have a rest.”

Has it been this late? Fang Yi Ran lowered her head to see her watch, starting to take out things from her bag such as mobile phone, keys, put all on the bed head.

Unexpectedly, a sort of heavy aurichalceous key is taken out from her bag.

This is…. Jun Si Que’s apartment keys! In her brain, without she realized there are words that resonates which said by him last time……

[Well tomorrow night, come to my apartment, then you will know it]

Now it has been passed twelve o’clock in the midnight, also has passed ‘tomorrow’ circumscription, would he still wait for her at his apartment? Or has he already slept early before? Fang Yi Ran from her back took out her mobile phone, starting to dial Jun Si Que’s phone number.

No one answer!

No one answer!

No one answer!

Bad feeling is suddenly arousing slowly in her heart, one of her eyelids twitching. She recalled his words when he talked to her, his expression, his composed and yet alienated, as if his surrounded was wrapping by such strange aura, and no one able to step in.

But yet he let her to—- step in!

But she didn’t able to fulfill her promise, and then he would….

“Yi Xia!” she lifted her head up, suddenly she has been already walked to the entrance and her best friend who has worn shoes, “I have something to do and need to go out, tonight you stay here helping me to take care Xiao Tian.”


“I will come back quickly.” She said, walking back to the bed side, she kissed her son’s forehead that has already slept soundly. She always feels, there is something that she must know, something that happened. Moreover she wanted to know, what he wanted to tell her, actually what is it?


Along the way she hurried to arrive at Jun Si Que’s apartment, Fang Yi Ran who have known the way she is walking in. With her curiosity she pressing the door bell, but there is no one answer her.

Fang Yi Ran pursed her lips, silent for moment, from her pocket she taking out the key, and then put it into the key hole.


The door opened.

Fang Yi Ran opened the door, entered the inner room.

Dark pitch black, the window is covered tightly, there is no slightest light able to go through.

With the light from outside the door it gets through the corridor, Fang Yi Ran switch on the light in entrance, and then closed the door.

Such silence inner room, as if there is no second person appearance.

Last time, when came to this apartment, since the beginning, Jun Si Que never turned on the light, so that now Fang Yi Ran can be said this is her first time to see this apartment look alike.

It is wide and spacious type, but there not many things. Others than those equipment for daily needs, there is no more any other things. While the apartment’s windows, it has great difference thicker than compare to the ordinary curtain in general. Basically can be said that there is no light able to get through.

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