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TCPW 7.2

Chapter 7

Part 2 (Two)

But now she didn’t have any mood to think about his apartment, switch on all the lights in living room, Fang Yi Ran looking for Jun Si Que, then she went into one by one of the rooms.

Couldn’t not to mention, this apartment is too big.

“Jun Si Que, are you at home? I am coming!” she shouted, the quietness of apartment, it only has her voice echoed.

Could it be he not at here? There is a hesitation gleam flashed on Fang Yi Ran’s eyes, walking to latest rooms.

At the moment when her hand at one of the door room, finally through the door, she heard tearing sound.

It is so familiar!

It is so familiar alike that year when she was at Jin Bi Hui Huang’s private room heard that tearing and roaring sound!

There was no hesitation, suddenly she pushed open that door.

The roaring sound at the moment sounded alike thunder overlap eardrum. This room is soundproof! At sudden she understood the reason why before she coming over this room door in front, she didn’t hear any sound.

Turned on the light, from outside getting inside the room.

“Ming Yi…. are you my Ming Yi? Ming Yi, does not come, Ming Yi that belonging to me, is not coming, hahaha….”

The roaring hoarse voice, mixed up with laughing voice, even the entire room, as if filled by sort of pain.

That sort of deep and endless of pains, grievance, despair, as if living without any hope.

Fang Yi Ran dumbfounded staring at that figure who is curled on the bed, in front, it flashed six years ago scenes.

She as if watching the night of six years ago, he also at that pain, he was pained to the point losing control of himself.

“Jun Si Que what happened to you? What is going on?” she dashed to the bed side, her fingers just touched his body, the figure which curled up looked as if being struck by lightening.

This time she seen clearly, his hands showed his veins, his fingers have blood trace, while on his chest has blood stained, it was obvious being scratched by his fingers.

“Who…” his eyes, basically it turned to be kind of strange red.

His scattered hair, weird demoness face, the darkness of that red eyes, simply to say alike—–devil!

Fang Yi Ran shocked, did he still the man that she usually see? That elegant, composed, such proud man? Her hand stopped in the mid of the air, as if forgot what she wanted to do.

His rough breath, that red eyes which glared at her, as if a beast.

At the next moment, he suddenly jumped at her, pressed down her body!

“Ah!” she only screamed once, two wrists, have already being pressed by his big hand, while his other hand, caressing her face.

The iced cold fingers, moving to her face, the finger with blood trace, slowly by slowly contagious on her face.

He has misty breathing, very earlier he has lost himself, the only left is only his instinct!

“Ming Yi…. Ming Yi…” his fingers shivering, and then, he lowered his head, let out his tongue, licking her face, compare to his ice-cold fingers, his tongue brought slightest warmness.

“Do you know who I am?” She trying hard to calm down her heart, asked. Did this thing Jun Si Que prepare to let her know? Let her knows, he would change to this delirious?

Are you my Ming Yi….” his voice so hoarse, Fang Yi Ran could not imagine, before she came here, how long had he been shouting, “Is Yi Ran….” he murmured chanting her name, pair of his hand pulled her onto his embrace, alike hugging a treasure, even die would not loosen his hands.

Yi Ran…. Yi Ran… the pain as if cracking the body, his instinct only able to recall this name. That petite body, as if has long being touched, it felt as if his pain could gradually, slowly disappeared….

But, also, as if not gotten enough, he wanted, as if not only these, not only wanted the pain to be gradually disappeared, compare to this, his body telling him, he wanted more and he looking for another thing.

He spreading small kisses on her face, his body sticking closely to her body, and even his desire, it has on her ‘soft spot.’

Such burn hot, the heat even shocked her heart.

At the moment when Fang Yi Ran trying to free herself, suddenly Jun Si Que loosen his hand which pressed onto her wrists, pair of his hand held her face, rubbing his own face to hers.

“Do you know, that I am so in pain.” his speaking tone, as if a little boy who made a complain.


“That’s right, so in pain.” his pair of redden eyes slowly disappeared, gradually back to his clear eyes, “I thought you would not come.”

“I came, ugh, although…. little bit late.”

“That’s right, you came.” he staring at her, “No matter what, you have come, now you are at my side.”

“Your eyes!” She surprised, realized that his eyes have already changed back to black color, “Have you back to normal?” even though his breath still rough, but compare to just now when she came inside this room, this much better.

“Normal?” he breathing, his adam apple moving, “Perhaps, not long before, I thought I going to die because of the pain at one night.”

Her hand grabbed on his chest, her finger tip touched that blood stained, “What was happened to you just now?”

“Do you want to know?” he lowered his eyes, using her hands with strength pressed onto his chest.

Caressing the skin, blood, bones…. she could gradually feeling his heart beating. “……. want.” she hesitated for moment, but still followed her heart to give an answer: “I want to know, you called me as Ming Yi, and the appearance of just now, actually what have to do with it?”

“Ming Yi, living by depending each other.” he slowly said, “Toward Jun’s family, Ming Yi is something cannot be less, because without Ming Yi, one is going to suffer in pain for the entire life. That is type of pain which penetrating into bones. Within the family, every generation going to have one, must have be one, who continuing this kind of fate. That person’s life, as if living only to find his Ming Yi. If being able to find a Ming Yi which belonging to him, then he might being able to be happy forever, but if could not find, then toward that person, this life perhaps going to be like hell, forever living in pain, forever would not being satisfying. Especially during full moon, that kind of pain, it would going to be more obvious, even for the strong person, it would still pain to doom, but as long as there is Ming Yi, then it going to vanish that kind of pain.”

“Full moon?” she dumbfounded, so that the reason he hates full moon?

“Toward Jun’s family, full moon is alike poison, Ming Yi, it is the antidote. And you, you are my Ming Yi. As long as I have made a contact with you, that sort of pain, it would gradually vanish.”

“But couldn’t others become your Ming Yi?”

“It is only you who is my Ming Yi, among billions of people, it’s only you. Just alike it has destined, at time during inside the elevator, when my pain was attacking, you was able to stop the pain, then I just knew, you are my Ming Yi.”

Fang Yi Ran silent, finally she understood why at that moment Jun Si Que could see her with that disgusting look, but after all fate has tied both of them together.

“Am I yours Ming Yi?”

“You are.” he buried his head onto her shoulder, smelled the scent of her body, “You are the only person who could stop my pain, since the day I was born, I have to look for my Ming Yi.” It has been too long, that place emptied, that sort of pain, that kind unspeakable loneliness…..

“I…. never known this before.” She murmured, six years ago that night, it must the time when he was in pain, alike tonight. No wonder, these days during the time almost full moon, he was strangely hugging onto hers, it was because he in pain, and only she who able to get rid of it.

“Are you pitying me now?” pair of his hands, locked to her waist.

Pitying? Perhaps, or there still many more, actually. Heaven blessed and favored him, but also let him to bear the pain which not an ordinary people could effort of. If earlier she had known the meaning of Ming Yi, if six years ago that morning, she didn’t run away, would it going to lessen his pain within these six years?

“Pitying, I don’t care.” Jun Si Que murmured, he has slender figure for man’s body, pressing down to the woman’s soft body, “You came, this could represent that you are not neglecting me? Or did this represent, you finally have decided to stay together and depend each other as fated?”

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  1. Now that she know’s can she fully understand it? Will she connect this to her son’s pain? will she tell him of her son’s true identity

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