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TCPW 7.3

Australia-R18-RatingHey you read by your own risk ah….
This chapter is going to have steamy buns scenes LOLS XD

Chapter 7

Part 3 (Three)

Bodies are so fit together, as if she is born only for him.

Wants her! Wants to get her!

This kind of desire, just at this moment, after all it is getting stronger. While her, she doesn’t want to control this kind of desire.

From very long time ago, he had known, he as if missing few things, and these things only able to get from his Ming Yi.

“I….. want you.” his eyes, looked at pair of her eyes, both of their conscious, are reflected onto that pair of black eyes. And then, he slowly sticking his lips to her lips, “If you hating this, then you push me away.”

His hands, took off her clothes, his lips plundered the sweetness from her mouth, his ice-cold and also his warmness, after through few times intimate contact, spreading to her body.

But she didn’t refuse, pity? Tenderness? Reluctant? Perhaps due to his pain appearance, or perhaps because of his hoarse voice, perhaps was because at this moment he letting out such weakness which made her hard to push him away.

For the entire night, the rough breathless of man, the moan sounds of woman, melted as one, between the movement of the bodies, there was such ultimate happiness…..

As if was having such sweet and beautiful dream, in the dream, he had gotten his Ming Yi, that kind of warmness feeling, dispersing all his pain.

Warmness…. it was really so warm, whose warmness was it? Such close to him, such stranger but also familiar…..

As if—— before he had ever had this kind of warmness, actually when was it, and where was it?

Opened his eyes, on the big bed, was only left him alone.

Jun Si Que directly stood up, his fingers were gently stroking over the side of the bed cover. Last night, as if wasn’t enough to have her, he was continuously claiming for her. First time, he was not only venting out his physiological desire, but also he gotten the most perfect fit soul.

Such naturally, such getting into.

But, when the morning comes (sky bright), after all he left alone. Everything that happened last night, as if was his beautiful dream.

Down his eyes, his fingers slowly tightened, grabbing the slightest warmness from the bed cover.

Actually, there was not having any differences, was it?

But the feeling emptiness inside his chest, what was it?

He hopes, actually what was it?

Loosened up his hands, Jun Si Que wearing his pajamas, slowly walking out from his room.

The breeze of blowing winds, surrounded the corridor, it able to lift up spirit and also one’s excitement.


Suddenly he faster his walking pace, finally he took notice, there was a difference.

The heavy curtains were put aside from the windows, the morning breezing winds, blowing inside through to the open windows.

Who…. did it?

The answer, showed.

He stepped, step by step moving forward, until to the kitchen entrance.

A shadow of figure looked busying, the nice and beautiful voice constantly talking by herself.

“Oh My God, how could there was such emptied inside big refrigerator? Didn’t that brat Jun Si Que know, this is kind of wasteful?”

“vegetables? Fruits? Even there is no any instant noodles.”

“Alright, at least I found egg, it seems that breakfast not a big deal.”

Stove, there is slowing cook porridge, it has been floating out the rice flavor. Fang Yi Ran opened the pot’s lid, holding a small spoon and then gently stirring the porridge inside the pot.

“Uh, wait for moment it going to…”

There was a sense of feeling being watched, suddenly she turned her head, she saw Jun Si Que is standing right in front of the kitchen entrance and staring at her.

“You wake up.” perplexed is because she have thick-skin face, thinking about the scenes of last night, could not help face blushed. For the entire night, she had already forgotten how many times they had, pitying her has been eaten by him clean, and at the last she lost her conscious. If she let Yi Xia that woman knew it, absolutely going to laugh by her, “I saw you haven’t wake up, so that I thought to make a breakfast….”

His pair of arm, through her armpits, he hugged on her.

On her body, he could smell sort of faint fragrant, it was different smell with perfume smell. The empty heart, at the moment when spotted her figure, unbelievable felt fulfilled.

As if it full of something which getting to overflow.

The things that he expected, actually was this simpleness, it’s more than enough.

The thing that he has been searching for, from the start till the end, actually her!

“Hey, what happen to you?” Fang Yi Ran hesitated moving her body, but at the end it exchanged by tightened hugging from Jun Si Que.

“Yi Ran, you are my Ming Yi.” He spoke.

“This, I had known it…. ah, hurry let off the hand, the porridge going to burn.” she tried hard to stretched out hand, wanted to turn off the stove.

“I think, I am really falling in love with you.” felt for her, not because she lighten his pain, but because she has filled his emptiness.

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  1. nice….wait when is the son pop up…FYR you have to tel JSQ…you know that little kid who’s having symptom like his dad…

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