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On Going, Progress and Future Novel Translations

youth-slogan_hDear Readers

Through this post I will share On Going Novel and it’s progress and also the future novel which going to be picked up in 2017.

On Going Novel

  • A Naive Short Tempered Girl
    It has done about 68%. The progress itself is little bit slower. Hopefully, I can managed to end book two before Chinese New Year.
  • The Substitute Bride
    It has done about 65%. Obsidian and I are still working on this project, it might slow but the progress is sure ^_^
  • The CEO’s Pregnant Wife
    It has done about 70%. It’s progressed sound promising because Thunder has tried the best to finish the project despite of Thunder absence.
  • The Wolf Husband And The Green Plum Wife
    It has done about 22%.

Future Translation Project (perhaps going to start in the beginning of 2017 after Chinese New Year or mid year during July 2017 or anything can be happened XD )

  • My Silly Girl (Cherish the love after a marriage)
    This novel in medium length less than 100 chapters about 60 something chapters.
  • Don’t Cry My Sweetheart
    This is short novel about ten chapters plus one prologue and Epilogue

10 thoughts on “On Going, Progress and Future Novel Translations

  1. Thank you for your hard work. I’m still wondering if I missed a post somewhere about Thunder’s project. The middle chapters are still inaccessible (for me at least). Is there a trick to it that I’ve missed? I’ve enjoyed your translations and your review posts too.

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