Review: Etude House 98% Water Melon Soothing Gel


Years ago, I had reviewed about Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel which super booming and since then, I have spotted other Korean Brands also launched similar product such as Skin Food, Missha, Etude House, Holika Holika, Tony Moly, etc.

Speak frankly, I am quite curious with other brands thus I have purchased Tony Moly (just put my order not long ago, on shipping process from Korea) and Holika Holika which I had tried year ago. But, today I wanted to review something different than aloe but still same stuff. It is Etude House 98% Water Melon Soothing Gel.

Yep, it is Water Melon. This product was launched not long ago by Etude House Korea and I haven’t spotted it in Etude House Indonesia then another overseas online purchased was made.

Product Description (Credit to beautynet)

1. Watermelon extract with high moisture content grants a refreshing feeling.
2. Contains soothing gel, moisture cream, eye pack, cooling gel and after shaving cream’s functions.
3. Natural moisturizing content seize the moisture in corneum.


How to use
Apply frequently when you feel dry.

credit to beautynet

Product Textures and Scent
This product has thick transparent gel texture alike watery jelly. It also so has sweet water melon scent, little bit sticky at the first time appliance, absorb quite fast in skin.

My Verdict
I could feel the cooling sensation when I put it into my skin even though it didn’t last long about less than two minutes. the Scent also didn’t stay too long and I glad it really not stayed long because I not really like the ‘artificial’ melon scent, though it still bearable, I preferred the fresh water melon LOLS.

I have used it about two weeks and applying it everyday on my body whether as soothing when I felt hot or feel itchy, moisturizer when I felt my skin dry out because staying and working in AC room for eight to ten hours.

Talking about price, I can say this product wise-buy because it not expensive and quite affordable for 250ml and price about KW 7000. The only thing I dislike of the product is it packaging. I don’t know why the bottle looked alike cheap material plastic bottle, far from the picture quality.

Here the real picture of mine



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