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OST Behind Your Smile (Opening): He Unworthy 是他不配 – Shi Shi 孫盛希

As I mentioned in last post when talking about Taiwanese Drama, Behind Your Smile. The OST, especially the opening and the ending are described the drama itself very well.
He Unworthy (是他不配), from the lyric it described the male and female lead character.

He Unworthy – Shi Shi
是他不配 – 孫盛希

Kong tang tang de you shou
An empty right hand

Shi wen de chen mo
The silent that loss of temperature

Mei hui yin de la che
No echoing sounds

all alone

all alone

Ta suo fan guo de cuo
The mistake that he made

Dou cheng le ji mo
It has turned to be lonely

Sheng ni yi ren mo suo
Left you alone

all alone

all alone

更多更详尽歌词 在
Geng duo geng xiang jin ge ci zai
More and more detailed of lyrics

Chan dou qing jie bu duan zai chong bo man dong zuo
The quivering episodes are constantly repeating

你不需要为他来悔过 他凭什么
Ni bu xu yao wei ta lai hui guo ta ping shen me
Why must you feel regret for him

I will love you

Ai xiang cao xiao
Love alike mockery

Bie jie sou ta de hu nao
Don’t hear his nonsense

I will be waiting

Ai duo hao xiao
Love is too ridiculous

Shi ta ba ai bian cheng wan xiao
It is him who turned love to be a joke

Bu shi gei bu qi shi ta bu pei
It’s not he could not give, but he unworthy


2 thoughts on “OST Behind Your Smile (Opening): He Unworthy 是他不配 – Shi Shi 孫盛希

  1. This song exactly first time i here that time touching my hurt because i don’t no but there is temporary voice musical video video actor everyone everything matching that’s why i loved this song also my febrret singers Shi Shi.. Thankfully 👶👦👧👨👩💏

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