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My Silly Girl 1.2

20160216203606_wmev8-thumb-700_0Not thinking to post the second part of My Silly Girl this fast after the first part of chapter one released. However, I still post the second part today. Enjoy your reading ^_^

Chapter 1

What Kind Of Person He Is

Part 2 (Two)

Luo Shang Er in front of elders are an obedient little girl, always obedient, dressing one piece of white dress, white smooth skin really looked alike Little Princess.

She saw at this good looking man, politely greeting him: “Hello Uncle Wen.”

Wen Ze smiled, showed his dazzling and clear eyes.

The second time she met Wen Ze, the situation was a bit embarrassing, even to recall it now, Luo Shang Er’s face burning hot red.

Actually it was one year ago matter. She was at her first year in University, with her good roommate sisters who were walking out from inside the school passing at one of luxurious limited edition Rolls-Royce which able to blind those who seen it, few female students as if meeting an Idol screamed, holding hands surrounded the car along with foolish smiles, excitedly and crazily kept on taking photos, that kind of Luo Shang Er, if now thought back of it really felt deeply sheepish.

Luo Family is also one of the wealthy family, but during that time she was together with her roommate, all of them were over passionately excited and also contagious to her, she felt, it quite interesting, at last few of the female university students excitedly taking photo with the car, showing many kind of poses, also asked people who passer by to help them to take picture for them, few of the female students leaning on the car with pose while waiting the person who took the picture said cheese, never thought one of the roommates shouted, : “There’s someone inside the car!”

Luo Shang Er turned to see the man who inside the car that looking at them with big interest, seeing her he even laughing.

Few of female students screaming, covering their face and running away, really embarrassed to death!

Later, Luo Shang Er found out, that Wen Ze was coming to her university coming drove that car was for giving speech.

So he was…. that Uncle Wen, Luo Shang Er thought: Really embarrassing.

During that time she was only eighteen years old girl, little bit infatuated, bit moody. But most of time she is happy go lucky silly person.

Simply to say until the moment when Luo Group facing crisis. Her father was accused doing manipulation of the stocks in stock market, and also due to his severe gastritis illness he felt sick, while her stepmother Yao An Ran busying with matter inside and outside the home. Her little brother Luo Sheng only three years old.

She knew, her comfortable life is coming to the end. It’s time for her to do something for this family.

During holiday when returned to home, Yao An Ran after all knelling in front of her, deeply divulged, deeply begging.

They were crying together, Luo Shang Er didn’t blame her stepmother, she didn’t mistreat her, more than eight years she keeps on accompanying at father side, taking care this house.

She must marry Wen Ze.

Actually she didn’t understand, how could Wen Ze make a decision so quickly?


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