Chinese Drama: Still Have Time To Love You (还来得及再爱你)

litTalking about ‘devastate’ because of waiting one drama to watch, Still Have Time To Love You / Love In Time (还来得及再爱你) perhaps one from few. I had spotted it years ago before I had watched Fabulous 30’s and Murphy’s Law of Love. At first sight, watching it’s short trailer (about nine minutes) I had my conclusion the drama going to be alike twilight thingy and I have anticipated it. Nine minutes trailer was extremely painstaking for me since they were dubbing / speaking in Cantonese and it was really different from the Cantonese which I speak in my daily life.

I was excited to wait until I forgot that drama actually in my watching list. In shortly, I finally got the chance to watch it.


the story is started from the 1st male who aged 224, he has been mourning for his love more than 200 years. This youngster who growing up in the village, had faced with drastically changing: the entire villagers were died, including the woman he loved the most who was being killed by the Demon (vampire), only he solely being saved by the other Vampire, live, but his heart sealed frozen as iceberg, heart ached but could not cry it out. until he met someone who have strong life, very positive female lead facing life, passionate love, without realized she melted his iceberg heart. the man, having immortal body, the woman, maybe lived only in eighty years of her life, this love actually is heaven toying them or heaven made a match?

My Verdict:
Trying not too biased, but still must admit. The only thing that make me still looking for this drama only because I wanted to watch Danson Tang so badly to played Vampire role.
The quality of the drama filmed was so poor. The lighting, wardrobe and even the makeup really far from my expectation.
The actors and actresses acting were not bad but something just so off with the drama itself, whether due to the story plots or the characters played.
I glad it only 9 episodes.

More Picture below:

lit4This something remind me with one of the scene in twilight when Edward Cullen looking for Bella. But, I like Danson Tang more than Robert Pattinson LOLS




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