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C-Movie: See You And Me (看见我和你), Danson Tang Played Adorable Character

13392718_1750170705258900_944759040_nIf I have chance to speak with Danson Tang Yu Zhe, I really want to ask him, “What’s up and where have you been?”

There was a time when I able to spot Danson Tang acting in Taiwan Dramas for all the year seasons, list from the super hot mess The X-Family (終極一家) and surprising addicting KO One (終極一班) with crazy story plot (since it available until fourth),  which I didn’t get the point of this drama, dropped it after I watched fifth episode. Supporting role in Nine Balls (撞球小子), and slowly but sure he gained famous after playing in Hanazakarino Kimitachihe (花樣少年少女), They Kissed Again (惡作劇2吻), but the most memorable drama where he got first male lead in Blissful Dandelion (幸福的蒲公英), Fabolous 30’s (女人30情定水舞間), Murphy’s Law of Love (莫非,這就是愛情).

Although Danson Tang still have his dramas every year but, somewhat his publicity not as much as before. To say, if not because by coincidence I thought I would have never known that Danson Tang played in this movie, See You And Me (看见我和你).


The bright good looking Zhu Zhe Yu (Danson Tang Yu Zhe) is a supervisor in one of IT company, as someone talented he also become dream lover for every woman, while Huang Xiao Yi (Liu Xuan) who likes to live in her own world and her hobby is drawing romance manga. Zhu Zhe Yu’s boss Zhou Yi Xin (Wang  Wen Wen ) has feeling toward Zhu Zhe Yu.

There was one time by coincident, Huang Xiao Yu misunderstood Zhu Zhe Yu had feeling for Zhou Yi Xin and then angered Zhu Zhe Yu. Seeing the situation Zhou Yi Xin faster her pace to attack, she even let Huang Xiao Yu to misunderstand Zhu Zhe Yu deeper, in which Huang Xiao Yu and Zhu Zhe Yu relationship are in crisis.

Mini Recap, The Female and Male Leads, The Antagonists, The Support Characters

picture1The story is begin with many randomness scenes and in between every scenes there was a hand that kept moving and drawing. Huang Xiao Yu was the person who drawing in her table and then not long after that she got a phone call and rushing to change her clothes. Huang Xiao Yu is working as cosmetic sales person in shopping center

picture1At same time Zhu Zhe Yu is arrived to his company. Parked his car in basement parking lot and leisurely he entered his office.

picture2The Antagonist Characters which are the love rival for the female lead. In this Movie there are two persons one is the female lead’s cousin sister and the other is the male lead’s boss.

picture3picture4The Supporting Character Best Friend of the Female and Male lead.

My Opinion:
The Actors and Actress
The Acting of the actors and actress are not bad but somewhat, I didn’t see any chemistry between the Female and Male leads. My biased, I just like Danson Tang in the movie.

The Story Plot
The Movie has very simple and yet fluffy also sweet story. It’s about a pair of couple who loves each other. The Male lead is someone so eye-candy, sweet, romantic, good looking and also has cool appearance which able melt any women’s heart. While the female lead is someone strong from outside but actually has sensitive and also soft heart.

The only conflict that arouse for this pair of couple only because the female lead felt insecurity since the male lead is someone very attractive. Not to mention his boss who likes to flirt Zhu Zhe Yu but also Xiao Yu’s sister cousin also like him. Both of the female and male lead have their childish and stubborn side such as when the girl said she wanted to have ‘time-out’ for their relationship but the male lead on contrary decided to break up when he spotted the female lead going out with other man.

I like the side story about Xiao Yu’s best friend (Bai Xin) who became wealthy man’s mistress because that man is someone who has already married. He could not grant the thing that Bai Xin’s wanted which is a happy marriage life. But, that man is so royal to Bai Xin, he used to buy her very expensive gifts.
Fan Kun, the fatty guy who is best friend of Zhu Zhe Yu. He is someone who sincere and faithfully but being left by his girlfriend due to his incapability to satisfied her material needs.
All in all, the movie is worth to give a try. If you are looking for something sweet without too much complicated story plot, then you may watch this drama.

Will you marry me?
Will you marry me?






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