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Azurro’s thought: TFBoys as Singers, Karry Wang(王俊凯), Roy Wang(王源)and Jackson Yi(易烊千玺)


It perhaps has been more than three years, since first time I spotted Wang Jun Kai, Wang Yuan and Yi Yang Qian Xi on youtube. During that time they were still so young in their tenth (12-13), their voice were still rough but slowly getting better until there was a time they launched their first album. To be honest, their first album was not really attracting me, but I just felt interested when I was watching to their hard work for singing and dancing practice in Youtube.

I like those who work hard to achieve the thing they want whether dream, career or else. TFBoys can be said one from few youngsters who survive and even gaining popularity not only because they have talent in singing, dancing or acting but more because the time they spent to practice and progressing until today. So, their popularity not only based on their 萌 (cutie), good looking appearance but also the amount effort they used in achieve all things to this point.

One from many reasons why they so popular among youngsters (90’s- 00’s) and also parents because they are inspired young generation, becoming source role model to be better, progressing.

My favorite songs:

  • Manual Youth (青春修炼手册) this song was so popular back then and even last for months and year. The song is so simple and easy to sing.
  • Big Dreamer (青春修炼手册) this song have very good lyric meaning. talking about dare to dream big, such motivating song.
  • Magic Castle (魔法城堡)
  • Adore (宠爱) A song about teenager who didn’t know what is love but growing likeness to someone. This song such perfect to describe about puppy love (the experience falling in love for the first time)
  • Young (样) flashing back time when young ^_^
  • Imperfect kids (不完美小孩)
  • Protect Home (守护家)
  • It’s You ( 是你 )
  • Little Elf ( 小精灵)
  • 未来的进击 wei Lai De Jin Ji

More pictures below:








Picture credit to: Baidu, Weibo, etc



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