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TW-Drama : The King Of Romance (如朕親臨)

the-king-of-romance-ru-zhen-qin-linI haven’t watched many Taiwan dramas within this year but somewhat at sudden, I spotted few that caught my interest. The King Of Romance (如朕親臨) is one of few. This drama cast: Lego Li Guo Yi ( In A Good Way), Cindy Lian Shu Han (Better Man), currently it is airing until episode 2.


The King of Romance is the a story about man and woman who playing game together, don’t know each other and have very different personality and beliefs. A modern girl Gao Bing Bing who believe about ‘reincarnation – past and present life’, she recurring dream of one man who keeps appearing in her dream wearing all different clothes from various time periods. Unfortunately, in Bing Bing’s dream the man’s face is always blurry so she is left wondering with anticipation how her “fated lover” will appear in this life.

While the male character Wang Nuo / Wang Zhen is someone belief in science, everything can be explained in science ways.

Gao Bing Bing is working in Hotel as second cook (Second position in command right after chief position), very talented person because she could re-created every dishes that she ever tasted before. Wang Nuo / Wang Zhen is a famous and talented OBGYN doctor who living 2 persons lives (carrying the responsible of his twin brother who went missing during swimming in the sea).

Female and Male lead meet few times in the real life with several unpleasant situations which make them growing dislike to each others. But actually in gaming world they are best partner referring themselves as Romeo and Juliet.

My First Impression

This drama caught my interest at the moment I watched it trailer furthermore, having Lego Li and Cindy Lien as the lead characters, I am totally sold. First time I watched Lego Li when he played with Kristen Ren (In Good Way) which was totally impressive drama. And Cindy Lien played with Lin Yo Wei (Better Man). Speak frankly, Cindy Lien character in Better Man little bit annoying but in this drama she played much better and Likeable.

picture5Gao Bing Bing (Juliet), she is tame and ‘passable’ characters, hardworking, talented, sweet and someone nice. Working as second cook in hotel.

picture8Wang Nuo / Wang Zhen (Romeo). He is someone who does not believe fate but himself. Working in hospital as genius OBGYN. His real name is Wang Zhen but because of swimming incident 15 years ago and when he was found out by people, he was wearing Wang Nuo’s swimming pant so people thought he as Wang Nuo. While his twin brother was missing during the incident.






The story and filming
This just another sweet and fluffy light drama but adding little bit of gaming in story, it is bit refreshing for Taiwan Drama styles.

Few of My favorite scenes

picture13At night when Wang Zhen / Wang Nuo (Romeo) playing game, he called his game partner Gao Bing Bing (Juliet) who is falling asleep. Because of Wang Zhen, she woke up and the conversation started:

Juliet     : I have nightmare before.
Romeo  : What nightmare?
Juliet     : I was dreaming about my past life Lover, after all it showed up the face that I dislike most.

Romeo  : Then must be your past life nemesis. come back to seek revenge.




4 thoughts on “TW-Drama : The King Of Romance (如朕親臨)

  1. Thanks for the explanation about the twins! I’ve been watching, but hadn’t realized he’d taken on his twin’s identity. I really enjoyed the first two episodes (#3 just came out), so I’m seconding your recommendation.

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