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TCPW 7 Last Part

Chapter 7

Last Part

Later, if he really staying together with her, then he must not be feeling loneliness anymore.

The small spoon in held by Fang Yi Ran’s hand felt down, a crisp sound.

While she only could dumbfounded staring at the loving face in front of her, even she almost forgot the porridge she cook.

Is he falling in love with her?

Is he sure speaking Chinese?


Lunch break in CEO’s room, the strange conversation keep on continuing.

“Are you really falling in love with me?”

“That’s right.”

“But I don’t have appealing and sexy appearance.”

“I don’t mind.”

“I have married before.”

“I don’t mind.”

“I still have a son.”

“I don’t mind.”


“I love you, is it such hard for you to accept it?” Jun Si Que cut off Fang Yi Ran’s words, came straight to the point.

She thought of it, finally she decided to open her mouth: “Is it because I am yours Ming Yi, so that you decided to love me?” followed by strange sour feeling.

“If followed Jun’s family case as example, indeed, there is no other reason, eventually, the Jun’s, they will be falling in love with their Ming Yi. As if everything has already destined, the Jun’s, fated to live depending each other with their Ming Yi forever.” Jun Si Que didn’t hide anything when said it.

She even felt sourer, even in her mouth, there’s hard-going feeling, “If I am not your Ming Yi, would you pay attention to me?”

“I would not.”

Alright, now she is not only felt hard-going, but as if eating something bitter.

“But, although I did find out you are my Ming Yi, it didn’t mean I would have fallen for you. In other words, falling in love with you, it’s not because you are my Ming Yi.” This is because, she did not let him to feel that endless emptiness and loneliness anymore.

Bitter and sour feeling, an instantaneously disappeared.

“And now I really hope the tradition in Jun’s family, all is real.” His fingers, gently taping to the table, tock tock. “Let’s say, if I am destined to fall in love with you, well then can you are also destined to fall in love with me?”

Hah? She falls for him?

Alright, she does not hate him, on the bed when doing those intimate things also not dislike, eventually, she likes the feeling when he kissing her, because she could feel his desire and also her importance to him.

Fang Yi Ran blinking her eyes, she is starting seriously to think this question.

“I never trust this kind of tradition, if I fall in love with someone, then it must because solely my love!” It hard, she is seriously given the answer to him.

“But, I want to be loved by you, really want it, really want it.” His eyesight, his childish way of speaking, every gesture he made, he was so tempting.

Calm down! Calm down! This is good looking man’s scheme! Fang Yi Ran trying hard said it for herself inside her heart!

“Well then if at last, I still can’t fall in love with you?” She only said it by randomness.

“Then I will die.” He said it composedly, as if their conversation was about, what the menu for tonight dinner.

She dumbstruck, he composed, but it made her heart as if being smashed by stone.

“Yi Ran, will you let me to die?” his black hair touch her face, eyelids covered eyes expression, thin lips faintly smile, he used such gentle, also alike an angel voice asked her.

No! of course she won’t! This answer, she has said couple times.

She——- didn’t want, unwilling, just to let this man go die.


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10 thoughts on “TCPW 7 Last Part

      1. Right you are.Love is different for each one of us. There are different voids that the loved one will fill up for you, whether it brings excitement or pleasure or peace of mind. it is different for every one.
        Thank you

  1. Happy new year.. azurro and thunder 😄😄
    Thanks for past year chapters….
    Btw i really love your general only want to sleep?
    I read it twice! Uhuk uhuk and want to start reading it again!

    Have a happy year!

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