Chinese Drama: Best Lover (最佳情侶) Zhou Mi And Lee Da Hae


Zhou Mi’s last drama which I watched was When Love Walking In (爱情闯进门 ) with Victoria Song Qian in 2012. While for Lee Da Hae was Hotel King which somewhat didn’t catch my interest compare to My Girl (staring with Lee Jun Ki) and Ms Ripley (Staring with Yoo Chun).


Best Lover is a story about Korean Entertainment Industry, two top entertainers who get involved into fake marriage, on the process struggling to protect the fake marriage, gradually finding out the other side of unknown weakness also wounds, both of them are influenced each others, having mutual tenderness toward each other, and finally creating romantic story.
Male lead Yan Xi Cheng (Zhou Mi) coming from poor family and by his persistent and unstoppable work hard he become representative actor, toward first love, imaginary wife or adorer having very different emotions, his image is a typical sunshine man.
Female lead Ye Huan Ying (Lee Da Hae), is coming from wealthy family, she is an arrogant and domineering top female actress, but the reality is she lacking of parental love, being involved into family conspiracy but only able to fight by herself she is weak but also strong woman. on the process to disguise themselves in entertainment circle, in the fake marriage, both of them are finding the real self and also sincerity.

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3 thoughts on “Chinese Drama: Best Lover (最佳情侶) Zhou Mi And Lee Da Hae

  1. I watched it, it was not bad… pretty short with 16 eps considering how long Chinese dramas can be. I found Zhou Mi really cute… Quite a few annoying side characters… Also dubbing could have been done better…

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